AJ Feldman (alecmets2011)
5:20 AM

My father, even though he was born over a decade after WWII, refuses to buy German cars because of it. My grandfather, not his father but my mother’s, refused to buy Japanese cars his entire life because he was a Pacific theater pilot. Some people hold hard feelings

2:18 PM

Snow fall caused my door to fall out of alignment. When I went to open the door after the snow storm passed I thought ice was making it stick. Turns out a foot of snow weighs so much it can mess up your door and make it pull on the fender. Still the weirdest car damage I’ve ever seen or heard of.

10:25 PM

Carriers would not count for this exercise. if you died from this would you say you were killed by a squirrel or killed by rabies? Clearly rabies

9:14 PM

Here’s what I don’t understand. Meek is a musician, an occupation that requires he travel. How can we make a parole violation traveling when its literally part of his job. BS if you ask me

10:54 PM

The six cylinders are rock solid. But the four cylinders with the cvt are ticking time bombs. That trans was made from cheap rubber bands. My dads went through 3 trans in 120k

4:08 PM

Damn I wish I saw this earlier. Spring Break this year my car had some issues but they were covered under warranty and my warranty gives me a free rental car. But I was still stuck out at school for break. Alone. In a frat house. Read more