albatross_Y wants to wake up from this bad dream
Jun 6

I’m sure the apples we’ve bred to be what they are are bred to last a long while. What I mean is that the bitten part looks pretty fresh. Regardless of an apple’s durability the inside turns brown pretty quickly once exposed. So if someone took a bite of an apple at 8pm or 12 am that day and they posted this at 4 am Read more

Mar 13

I, literally, don’t understand the toilet paper fiasco. Newsflash, water from the toilet and water from the shower go to the same place. Worse comes to worse, just wash your ass in the shower ... which you should be doing anyway.

Mar 13

Paper towels down the toilet bowl is a bona fide recipe for disaster. I thought about this the other day and it occurred to me that maybe if it comes down to paper towel etc I need a diaper genie for disposal of things that CANNOT go down the toilet.

Dec 15

It needs to be an app so that you have to submit your info to a third party, who can then turn around and get rich selling the anonymized data for marketing and advertising purposes, obviously. 

Dec 15

If you are in a relationship and thinking of having kids; THAT’S THE TIME to screen for genetic markers. As a dating app; it’s just kind of unnecessary. Add to that his weird association to Epstein and it feels creepy. Read more

Dec 15

“I didn’t even get the chance to use Epstein’s services. I was too busy basking in the smell of my own genius to even notice the lush tropical settings, the large number of scared young women, or that I was keeping company with a human trafficker! I’ve got important brain stuff to do!” Read more

Dec 15

Everybody always has an excuse for why they were friends with or spent significant amounts of time with Epstien, although “we did our science nerd thing and left” in the context of a wealthy benefactor who wants an army of genetically perfect offspring isn’t as reassuring as you think, Church! 

Dec 15

Can’t you just do genetic screenings to see if you and your partner are carriers of whatever diseases you have in your respective families? Why turn it to a dating app? I’m not going to date someone just because neither of us has the genes for Huntington’s disease. And if it did turn out both me and my partner are Read more

Dec 14

Even S2 kinda sucked. Firing the best part of your show? Not good.

Dec 5

Pro tip for young creatives: if you approach someone looking for a job and they offer to pay some or all of your salary in “experience and exposure”, RUN. AWAY. IMMEDIATELY. The only exceptions are internships that fulfill class credits, professional certification hours or some other direct compensation. The Read more

Dec 4

“We’re like a family.” In that, you will be talking about them in therapy for years to come.

Dec 2

I kinda thought she was in disbelief that a hackneyed “villian trap door” was about to be pulled on her.  The only way it could have been telegraphed anymore is if she had started to say “You really trying to pull some evil genius trap door bulls* and the floor falls away.

Dec 2

Keene insisted, “We’re not racists” and it only follows that Judd would see himself the same way. This is pretty consistent with white nationalist talking points - have openly racist views or policy ideas and insist that they’re not racist. So I don’t think Judd was planning on double-crossing Keene so much as he Read more

Dec 2

This episode completely blew my mind.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  Blows me away that a show that could have been such a disaster is soooo good on so many different levels.

Nov 22

*Slight spoilers for season 6* I loved the moment when she had the heart-to-heart with Vanessa Gecko, and she realized that this competition she’s been in with this other successful woman in her field has been all in her head. Gecko doesn’t hate Princess Caroline, and offers her good advice on the struggles she is Read more