Dec 6 2018

Those virginity comments did suck, but I’m more upset that pr teams pushing the sexy virgin thing and journalists who felt the need to ask teenagers about their sexual activity in the first place. Read more

Dec 6 2018

It’s been really quiet here, right??? I haven’t heard this many crickets since the Hugo Schwyzer predator debacle.

Feb 6 2018

Rapists or wanna be rapists dislike being reminded that they’re rapists.
Hell, people who use drugs to rape often hate ‘real rapists’ and have justified not being rapists because they aren’t violent like rape rape.

Feb 5 2018

I don’t understand why the exact and precise definition of these particular words is so important to particular guys. I got into an email exchange with a guy who was SO PISSED that “Grace” said Aziz Ansari “Sexually assaulted” her. And he could not understand my point that it didn’t fucking matter and that she has a Read more

Feb 5 2018

I am tired of men defining real rape as “the level which I haven’t done to a woman”. The rape definition changes and doesn’t get believed because these men feel guilty as fuck because they knew in their hearts they’ve crossed lines and boundaries. Tarantino sits at home at night and lies to himself he’s not a rapist Read more

Oct 16 2017

Here, here. I am, just, having a hard time trying to fathom the depths of this insane egocentric-stupidity. Maniacal Egocentricity or Stupidity: A way for men to forcefully gain control over anything that isn’t “male”.

Sep 18 2017

Not all Latinos are people of color though and they’re certainly not a monolith group, it makes sense that at least some of them would vote for a racist.

Apr 1 2014

He got to have his cake and eat it too. For all the sacrifices everyone else had to make for their happiness (Marshall and Lily, especially) Ted sacrificed literally nothing.*

*Except Tracy, who from a narrative perspective, wasn't even that big of a sacrifice. She DIES OFFSCREEN.

Apr 1 2014

You have just articulated why I hated this so much in a single sentence. My rage thanks you from the bottom of its gall bladder.

Apr 1 2014

He basically told the story so that his kids would know their mom wasn't the love of his life. That's some messed up shit.

Apr 1 2014

It should have been called " how I settled for your mother so I could have the kids I wanted and then went back to the real love of my life once she died" Horrible ending.

Jan 24 2013

I literally can not believe that there are people who are like, "Oh this diet seems totally normal." Drinking lemon water with cayenne pepper for lunch?

Jan 23 2013

This is my response to this question: sure, perhaps she's really, really careful and what she is eating is nutritionally balanced. But is it healthy? No way. Health is more than how many nutrients we put in our bodies—it is also mental and emotional, and these types of disordered eating behaviors are NOT mentally or Read more

Jan 23 2013

Fuck no. It perpetuates the idea that women don't deserve real food. I don't care if it's healthy by nutritional standards; this woman thinks that by not eating, she's winning. That's anorexia.