Akio Ohtori - RIP Oppo
Apr 1

Stop it. I know it's a joke, but THEY don't know it's a joke! 

Mar 21

Agreed here, the click-baity title aside (nerve-wracking would have been a better choice instead of terrifying) I think this is what we want to see in our early stage auto-piloting footage, cautious leaning towards confident.

Mar 18

Put Jeep badges on them and David Tracy will come take them away for you.

Mar 16

That green in the top image is awesome.  Not awesome enough to overcome not having enough pedals, but still awesome.

Mar 12

I’m not being a dick to anyone. I really have no issue with how Khan defended the vehicle. But I do think that, from a publicity standpoint “It meets our specs” isn’t a great way to defend what others think is a flaw. It’s a common statement that, it seems to me, is generally not well-received by the public, as to Read more

Mar 3

This is one of the best things I’ve ever read here, it’s hard to imagine anyone (engineers included) who didn’t learn something new by reading this.

Mar 3

i was gonna make a snarky comment, but, damn, this is some content!

Feb 25

Does Tesla’s Autopilot recognize other vehicle’s turn signals? Legitimately asking, because that can make a huge difference.
But this is absolutely the system not performing anything life saving imo. Honestly, I probably would have taken over prior to the split to ensure the car went where I wanted and then re-engage.