Okay, I realize you mean well, but this post is significantly unhelpful in terms of providing useful information. It’s also flat-out wrong in some respects. Did you even trade emails with any helmet standards guys before posting this? I’ll try to address things in an orderly fashion.

I think there are also a lot of folks who used to commute by public transit that have been called back to work and want a personal vehicle to stay safe.

At least if it was a 30 year old running Merc, you could roll the dice on how long it would be before you had your first costly repair. This one is already sitting there waiting for another $2000 to be dropped in just to get it down the road.

The one point I haven’t really seen raised anywhere, and I think its critical. MV led the WDC by quite a bit, and he was too aggressive in holding his position at that time. There is no harm to his WDC if he relents one position, in the short term, but he has a faster car, see Sprint, and would have taken him back Read more

Senna literally t-boned another driver turn one on the last race of the season because he was ahead in the points and knew all he needed was for the other driver to not finish. No one puts an asterisk by that season. They still call him one of the greatest drivers ever. Read more

Can I get serious - does this sort of things still have a place in the world? I mean, the value of the H-D is solely in nostalgia (Ryan F9 nicely summarized that recently), and the problem is that there’s basically no need for the variation of that same nostalgia. Is it good enough to justify itself, not just as a Read more

Max was not ahead prior to the turn - he braked later and tried to turn in to shut the door very late, expecting Hamilton to back off as he’s done previously. Read more

Terrible? Absolutely. Forgettable? Mazespin is not.

If they were competent they wouldn't be forced to accept millions to run Mazespin.

Mazepin will get wreck The Good Haas after F1 takes its break for the summer...

Yes, this is a uniquely American phenomenon. Non-American human beings would never behave this way. 

Gassers are/were less about extreme rake and more about weight distribution. well tuned gassers were more or less level, it wasn’t as much a difference in total lift as it was a difference in tire size while maintaining relatively equal ground clearance. they LOOK raked because the front wheels are smaller so the Read more

Your dozen co-workers and aunts and uncles drive Corollas and Camrys, or boring crossovers; who cares what they know.  

These are fabulous driver’s cars and very underrated. Having owned a multitude of E30s (still race Spec E30) and E28s, I rate the Milano higher on the fun scale than either BMW. I’ve owned my Verde for 6 1/2 years and it’s never failed me. Take care of the maintenance and the Alfa will take care of you. Read more

Sounds like the full Alfa ownership experience awaits, and this design has always looked awkward to me. But over time I’ve come to understand the devotion of the Alfa fan base, so while it’s not for me, I’ll say NP.

It’s a a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

It was bad enough the Government took away my gun while on a plane (a CLEAR violation of my God given 2nd Amendment right), but now you want them to take away my whiskey!? I will die before I let some hippy who can’t get a REAL job take away my alcohol! Read more

I always go by the octane recommended in the car’s manual. At least that what I’ve always been told to do. Anything else is a waste of a very limited and polluting resource - since it takes more petroleum to produce higher octane fuel.