3:39 PM

lol what? The Shibs have great twizzles, but their lifts are weak so I don’t know how you can try to argue that they’re technically superior? The judges scored both France and Canada higher technically so your point is moot from that end as well. I actually laughed at the Shibs lifts because it’s so clear that they’re Read more

12:33 PM

So you should probably read up on an issue before commenting on it, hey? Residential schools are a disgusting part of Canada’s history. I’m impressed by how many people are taking the time to explain this to you, but honestly you should be embarrassed that you felt the need to make a comment like this without knowing Read more

5:30 PM

It’s pretty sad that it’s come to this. As a brown-skinned Canadian born person with parents and siblings who came here as refugees, I’m no longer comfortable visiting the USA. I live very close to the border so I typically visit (and shop!) there 2-3 times/year. I’m genuinely frightened that someone will attack me Read more

3:52 PM

Honestly, Jillian Harris is the shit. I unabashedly love her and not just because she’s a fellow Canadian and sort of Vancouverite. She’s extremely nice irl and actually peppers the #sponcon on her Facebook page with random political musings that some of her followers hate because apparently she’s only allowed to talk Read more

3:10 PM

Waiting for that Instagram to happen. I feel like it’s just around the corner and TS will defend it as “girl power” and NOT a political endorsement OK?!

4:26 PM

I just want to say that it really friggen sucks that parents have to go back to work so soon after having kids. I can’t imagine having to work a 40+ hour week while also dealing with a 9 month old that isn’t sleeping. Seriously, super high fives to all of you parents out there. Read more

4:55 PM

Super confused about why you think she “sidestepped” her blackness? Are you even familiar with Beyoncé or Destiny’s Child? R&B? It’s roots?

4:02 PM

We’re not crying over “Beyoncé”. It’s about how this white feminist lady refuses to acknowledge that she benefits from whiteness and thinks she has the right to critique black women in positions of power in order to brush aside the reality of white feminism.

3:53 PM

I mean maybe if I too could escape to India (where I’m SURE she pays the people who serve her a fair wage even though she doesn’t have to) when I don’t want to hear people’s criticisms I would devote every action to smashing the patriarchy.

3:46 PM

Hmm. Well. Truth be told, I give approx. zero shits what some white lady feminist thinks about my feminism. You do you, girl but don’t try to redefine white feminism. That shit is real, even if you don’t want to admit it. Have fun in India, though! (LOL pleeeeaaassseee. this lady. I can’t). Read more

9:48 AM

Context is very important. If it’s a man saying that because he’s been accused of or done something really to women and he’s trying to justify how he’s changed etc. then yeah, it’s universally gross. Read more

8:44 PM

I have a really hard time believing that that’s where the snark is coming from for this writer, but it’s a fair point nonetheless. Read more

7:08 PM

Recent and somewhat ridiculous story: I’m from Canada and I recently got married. We embarked on our honeymoon in Maui the day after our wedding (future brides: this is not as fantastic of an idea as it seems). I was meant to start a new pack of birth control the day after we arrived, so I threw a whole box into my Read more

6:57 PM

Non-black PoC have so. much. work. to. do. to confront the rampant anti-black sentiments that have been ingrained in so many of us. Yes, the refugee crisis is real and horrific, but wtf does that have to do with BLM? How is BLM meant to shoulder that burden? It’s fucking ridiculous. MIA can go to hell.

8:02 PM

I don't even know why I bothered reading the comments because I knew they were going to be the actual worst.

8:07 PM

Agree with all of this. We can’t talk about harsher sentencing without realizing that the only people who are going to be affected by it are PoC. That’s important. Harsher sentencing is not the solution. Minimum mandatory sentencing is not the solution. Because the justice system always finds a way to favour rich Read more