Nov 2

Looking at this person’s comment history indicates that “cruel” and “moronic” is pretty much par for the course. (And yet, somehow I’m perma-grey and they appear not to be. Eh, whatever.) Read more

Oct 23

They probably hired a damn good speaker (car salesman/saleswoman).  ;)

Oct 21

The weirdest thing about the Quibi debacle (Quibacle?!) is explaining HOW it even happened. I don’t know anybody that would have told a market research company “I *love* the idea of watching movies on my tiny little phone screen! Read more

Oct 8

I played it until I didn’t want to any more and then I stopped. I don’t know why this is such an unthinkable concept for so many people.

Oct 8

If they want to make these coop game as a service grindfest, they need to make them cross-platform so their player base stays decent. Why aren’t more games using this feature, it makes it so much easier for friends to play together.

Oct 8

Games as a service always seems to attract the most toxic gamers in existence. Yeah, the end-game is pretty repetitive when it comes to mission location and structure, but ALL the heroes are actually really great to play and the single player campaign is rock-solid. Read more

Sep 25

Right? “Two seconds in I already see sauce pan, hiyaaaa...”

Sep 23

I don’t know about you, but I like this Fargo series and can’t wait for the movie to come out! #Six Seasons and a Movie

Sep 20

“The Wat of Acid” is terrific, but, damn, BoJack’s “The View From Halfway Down” should have won. It’s just... like nothing else. Read more

Sep 17

Yeah, like all those people who can’t afford to shop anywhere else. Fuck them!

Sep 16

It’s going to be $90 in two years. Could be a one print run like Metroid Trilogy. 

Sep 11

Do you know that you linked an article from 2016 about the 10-- series cards?

Jun 29 2013

OMG Matt Groening drew that?!...oh wait...I see.