Lol... that is a lot! But then again that reminded of a conversation I had with a friend when I first started dating my now husband. She was like “What’s he like?” I basically said exactly what Zooey said. I was having trouble articulating it. I’m not a very articulate person, but I think for a long time in my life I Read more

is “upset” that their less-than-a-year-old son “won’t have both his mom and dad around constantly.” Read more

She’s not really random... people weren’t at an AMA for a random person... but I see your point. Read more

Paltrow dated Affleck? I did not know or at least remember that. Hearing this is like “Oh, everyone has dated everyone in Hollywood.”
Read more

You mean since getting together.  I agree they are pretty eye-rolly.  One of the cool things about them is that they’ve been neighbors and friends for a long time before getting together. Read more

I’m not really on team anyone... but I imagine it is hard to walk away from a franchise like this without burning things down.  I’m guessing they do not just take a simple “No, thanks.” as a response.  Even after she’s said everything she’s said, by the sounds of this cameo, they are still pestering her to be a part Read more

Yeah, she’s recording voice over... why would we expect that would involve her getting together with the cast? Of course it was probably set up somewhere convenient for her. Read more

Any Matt Healy fans out there? I don’t really know anything about him, but just read his Wikipedia page and he sounds like an immature asshole... anything I’m missing? Why would Taylor want to be with be with someone like that at this point in her life? Read more

Damn, Emily! When she rebounded with Brad Pitt, I was like “You go!” and she just keeps going and going. Living her best life, but it also feels like maybe she’s trolling us. Lol. Read more

You’re favorite comment is someone bashing her looks? It’s not particularly funny or helpful. There are so many awful aspects about Gwyneth Paltrow. Concentrate on those instead. Read more

Yes! I was gonna say the same thing. Probably not as eloquently. Read more

Physical violence is never the correct response to someone saying something offensive. Read more

LOL, when I hear people rag on Meghan Trainor I’m just like whatever... she has stupid lyrics and a catchy beat, why do you care? But mentioning Chad Kroeger just opened my eyes and now I understand.  I couldn’t stop myself from commenting on that dumbass Photograph song whenever it was playing during the height of Read more

LOL, that John Mulaney didn’t receive backlash after his divorce. I didn’t know about Ali Wong’s divorce so I don’t know what the chatter has been about, but there is no way people didn’t consider Mulaney’s divorce “problematic” too... whatever that means. Read more

Everyone keep a close eye on her so the moment that she becomes too popular or too lauded we can rip her apart for being fake, for pretending to be clumsy, and for being annoying instead of silly. We’ll get her. We just need to make sure her pedestal is tall enough first. [twirls fake mustache] Read more

I’m not sure it’s an outright lie that she claims that she was playing a character. I think back to my late teens to mid-twenties and I was such a different person. I was trying to fit in with a certain social scene, I was drinking way too much, I was trying to be sexy and cool and care free. I don’t even recognize Read more

Snubbed, rejected! The shame! More like she didn’t noticed. It can embarrassing when you offer a hand or a high five or whatever and the other person doesn’t notice, but I wouldn’t say she snubbed him. lol, the drama! Read more

Lol. George Burns?! I was born in ‘84 so I missed the era of marching bands and drill teams, but that sounds more appropriate. They had a magician one year? Haha.  I don’t watch the Super Bowl so it’s funny that I even care to comment, but everyone is always talking about it!  I generally end up watching the half time Read more