Wait a minute, JAY LENO’S wife DOESN’T EVEN DRIVE!? Read more

The man wants what the man wants, it’s the Volvo 100%.  It’s beautiful and 415hp isn’t too bad either. Read more

HAHA... Netlfix, right in the sub-headline.  Read more

Ahem, Malört is fantastic. Also, their social media team is hilarious and they’ll usually respond to just about any mention, and yeah, most of them involve people saying something along the lines of it’s like your stomach punching you in the mouth”. Also, I think we should be scared of the people behind anything that Read more

I had a ‘91 Geo Metro 5-sp in Maroon. It was a hand-me-d0wn from my older brother who’d used it for a courier service he was running and it was rode hard and put up wet. Had 100,000 hard miles on it when I got it, and I was about half-way through my ‘59 Beetle project, so I also abused this car knowing it wouldn’t Read more

Take your star, I’ll deliver it in my WRX blasting A Way With Words at top volume. Read more

Your avitar confirms this sentiment.  Read more

Much better than ending with tears, right? Read more

Nice! Or, you could use Rth. Almost sounds like reverse too. Read more

My father married a Mexican national in 1999 and she became a citizen. They lived happily in Granbury, TX (a small town near the D/FW Metroplex in North Texas) until he passed away in 2004. She (rightly) decided that WASP city wasn’t for her without my old man, and said she wanted to move back to Mexico. I helped my Read more

Just recently a co-worker ‘gifted’ me a gag gift he’d received that had been sitting in his climate controlled garage for a couple years. He said he’d considered just throwing it away, but thought I’d get a good chuckle out of it. It was, I kid you not, an official

You know the coal-rollin’ 5.bros will still hassle anyone driving one of these, just to be little shits.  You’re right about everything else though.  And, since you’re with Earther, I’ll just check to see if you’re maybe not getting my emails about The Long Now Foundation?  They’re totally your jam! Read more

I feel like this should have a little better traction. That’s good shit! Read more

Dim, flicker, and off.  Star to you sir! Read more

Take your star, you earned it (from a Triumph Bonneville owner who is not at all upset that you are totally right). Read more

Dallas has a Dilido Rd. Be careful how you pronounce it. Also, after being unable to find a hotel at three in the morning in Memphis (30th anniversary of Elvis’ passing, unbeknownst to me) my wife was quite perturbed. We eventually found the EconoLodge on Huff N Puff Rd about 45 minutes outside of town. I thought it

I’m guessing he was just saying that to try and get Jolie to do it for him.   Read more

Same here. Our little girl loves it, just wish Grandma hadn’t bought the pink one. I even quoted Torch during assembly, saying it already has eyes, they’re the headlights!  Sheesh. Read more