Jul 21

I’m sure there’s an overlapping Venn Diagram of 90's/00's hotep/misogynist rappers.

Jul 8

Fuck that, this guy should be the Secretary of Defense. All the fucking Trump rats would bail.

Jul 8

The argument is, Christian Cooper is still here to have the choice not to “participate.” Had he been shot and killed, the machinery of law would have gone ahead without him all the same. So that point is moot. Think what you will about his opinion, he is unnecessary to the process. Read more

Apr 15

How much of a coincidence is it that the week Americans are receiving $1200 from the government for simply being alive Apple releases a new phone that feels super-affordable?

Apr 15

I’m absolutely with you. I have tiny tiny hands, and the last time I could comfortably hold my phone was about three generations ago. 

Apr 9

So I saw this series finale tonight along with its hour documentary. After having seen Schitt’s Creek’s series finale and hour documentary yesterday, it really struck me how differently these shows were made. For me at least, Schitt’s Creek came off as actually caring about its characters, and the connections between Read more

Mar 30

For folks who have never, please please please listen to Sinatra at the Sands.

Mar 29

I finally gave in to the hype and binge watched it last night. Basically it’s what would happen if an internet comment section assumed human form and somehow obtained tigers and meth.

Mar 26

Can I please discuss “Doc” Antle’s cult with is that not getting more talked about. HE IS RUNNING A TIGER SEX CULT. Read more

Mar 10

He also gave us one of few things memorable about Ghostbusters 2: the song “On Our Own.

Mar 9

Judgeing from how horrible he looked on his appearance on “Hot Ones” last week - I would guess he is on a toilet somewhere.