1:07 AM

I enjoyed but didn’t love it (I haven’t read the comics either, and I found that a real challenge at times). That said, I’m hugely in favor of more writers/directors taking Lindelof’s approach here. Tell one story. Do it right. Then let it go. The Brits understand this better than Americans do. They’re way more Read more

3:02 PM

I am jealous of what a gorgeously-shaped head Ayanna has. She could totally rock the minimal look if she chose to. But I still do understand how challenging her hair journey must have been.

12:52 PM

I’ve also been losing hair to alopecia areata. Like you, I’ve had a big part of my identity wrapped up in my hair (guy with the great hair or something like that). I’ve been really open about my hair loss (it’s how I like to deal with stuff), but it’s still frustrating to see something you work hard to maintain slip

7:22 PM

somehow I found it! The Sworn Virgins of Albania, as published on Nat Geo’s “Taboo” in 2008. I would have been 17 or so when I saw it, so it’s no wonder I conflated biology with their gender expression, although it’s never said lol. So yes, these women are not said to experience early menopause or anything, that was Read more

2:58 PM

Use it or lose it, huh? By that logic, I should have hit menopause 10 years ago. I laugh at the people who whine about dry spells in terms of weeks or months. Get back to me when you have to try to remember who was president when you last had sex.

4:41 PM

The publisher behind the overwhelming majority of this coverage is Rupert Murdoch. The publisher behind the overwhelming majority of climate change denialism in Australia, even in the face of the wildfires, is Rupert Murdoch. The press baron behind much of the mad dash to war in Iraq in both the US and UK was Mudoch. Read more

3:58 PM

If they do have a 5th season my Goddaughter will probably be in high school. She’s in Kindergarten now. 

2:59 PM

...only one of them who has actually had to earn their way in the world with hard work and talent is Markle. Read more

2:49 PM

I just hope this has the effect they intended and gets the gross press off their backs a bit. Read more

2:45 PM

I can’t help but think they played right into the tabloids hands on this one. Complete financial freedom would also mean giving up their RPO. That didn’t go well for Diana, who found out post-divorce who much the security she would need was going to be far more expensive than she could have imagined. They aren’t like P Read more

2:43 PM

They haven’t exactly quit being royalty. They are “stepping back” but are still going to work “within this institution.” While they say they’re working towards being “financially independent” it doesn’t mention anything about giving up their titles or Harry and Archie’s place in the succession.
Read more

8:15 PM

I hope she uses the time off to reflect on what behavior constitutes “empowerment” or black feminism? I’m actually more disappointed in those who intellectualize & excuse excessive behavior that degrades oneself and the very culture which helped our ancestors survive the dreadful days. Read more

3:19 PM

Deeply uncool to use a header pic of his children as well. WTF? So lightweight when it comes to basic norms and ethics, even just for “reporting.””

10:56 AM

First and foremost he was a brilliant writer of short fiction; second, he was, his entire professional life here in Norway, bullied a lot for his speech impediment. Read more

1:44 PM

I was very pleasantly surprised by the first one. I am looking forward to this one.  The casting is just so fantastic.