Apr 9

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s saving grace is the the last two seasons has been less than 22/23 episodes. And I miss Gina. Read more

Dec 5 2019

This could work in light of the time that has lapsed with the show. It would also give Boondocks a fresh perspective and a new dynamic with the characters we love. As long as Aaron is involved, I’m down with the cause...

Oct 2 2019

She really seemed delighted about the song. Thanks for making me smile today!

Jun 22 2019

I read pretty much everything that Panama writes on here and yell at my laptop screen “WHY?” However- he is correct that Return of the Mack is possibly the greatest song of all time. I would even go further to say that 1996 was the zenith of R&B music. Read more

May 13 2019

It was nice to see Sinbad back on TV, however Rel was not a quality show. All the cast members deserved better writing.

May 6 2019

I started doing yoga two months ago and it has really changed my world. I’m usually the only black girl there but I do see black guys there from time to time. We have to take care of ourselves, it’s a rough world out there fam. 

Apr 15 2019

I’m tired of hearing on the radio about how people are proud of him- he doesn’t care about what we think.  

Feb 22 2019

I think it’s because in this climate, we can relate to the story in that we know someone who is black, gay, or both. We wouldn’t want this to happen in the people in our lives. Also, people who lie to such great extremes is something people can’t wrap their brain around. 

Feb 4 2019

He was a part of my TV life from the Cosby Show, to Generations, and all the workout scenes with Shemar Moore and Y&R back in the day. Read more

Dec 14 2018

I discovered her with I was going to my Barry Manilow phase (come at me) and he created music for Johnny Mercer’s lyrics for the album With My Lover Beside Me in 1991. She was filled with such grace and elegance to me. A beautiful voice. 

Nov 20 2018

June 28, 2018 at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, MD :-(

Nov 20 2018

Usher can hold his own, but to call him a legend? Nah. And I’m someone who listens to Majic 102.3 going to and from work and hear Usher’s music all the time. 

Oct 30 2018

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt...I won’t believe him until after the holidays, tho. Read more

Oct 22 2018

I’m so happy to hear about this- Cynthia Horner is a childhood hero of mine :-)

Sep 21 2018

Actually, they are lazy to simply post links. We all know how to google.

Sep 7 2018

I agree as well. Im beginning to think that its not a good idea for Hollywood to make movies/tv based on history as a form of entertainment. I refused to go see any of the slave movies made within the past 5-8 years because I could read or view a documentary about actual events that happened. Plus, I don’t think Harr Read more

Sep 6 2018

I’m 5'2 with an hourglass shaped figure and all the people want to touch me all the time. Most people say it’s because I look like a babydoll and also wanna touch my hair- which is a different conversation.
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