4/19/21 9:32AM

Have you noticed how clickbaity and intentionally misleading the headlines around here have gotten? It’s all to make you click the article and expose you to more ads. I’m done with this place. They’ve lost their good writers and all that’s left is mediocracy. 

4/17/21 1:55PM

No mention of Aunt Pol from Peaky Blinders? Shame on you.

4/14/21 12:00PM

It’s that weird “separation of church and state” thing that people seem to ignore.

4/13/21 10:04PM

In his defense, it isn't as if writing an article.

4/13/21 1:38PM

Honestly? Most people into this I know are respectful of others and the land. And try to leave things at least as good as the found them. Read more

4/13/21 1:28PM

Counterpoint, our local Utah Toyota Offroad group is fantastic. We sponsor public trail clean-ups and maintenance, teach proper land-use and techniques, and correct anyone who posts about misusing land. 

4/07/21 3:10PM

It’s a white woman in a BMW. So... is this the “good guy with a gun” scenario I’ve been hearing about? I assume she’s a legal and licensed gun owner that has had proper training and background checks, right?
Read more

4/03/21 5:21PM

Trans experience? I mean good on Charlie for the accomplishment and all. And good interview. But the headline makes this sound like a ride at universal studios. 

4/01/21 9:14PM

The FBI defines a mass murder as the killing of four or more people at the same time in public place (referring to mass shootings mostly but come on, six easily qualifies by that standard).

3/29/21 7:31PM

And the award for 'Cutest Ever Zombie Apocalypse Scenario' goes to... 

3/27/21 2:03PM

Bradley Brownell between now and tomorrow’s race: “Is Max Verstappen the greatest driver humanity has ever seen in all history?” Read more

3/23/21 10:05AM

Yeah right. The same way the Republican party would never associate with the Russians right? You guys had a Russian agent as president just 4 Months ago. It’s not he USSR any more, it’s the far right that is in power in Russia and there’s a reason all far right parties in Europe have ties to them. Read more

3/23/21 9:50AM

you thinking they will approach russia tells me you know nothing about polands history with them.

3/17/21 3:56PM

One of the sad facts about the American Legal system is that if you spend enough money on defense, you can get away with anything. The biggest thing is getting the jury pool “right”. Read more

3/05/21 9:16PM

and you’re an insufferable asshole, whats your point?

10/02/17 4:10PM

The hype and irrationality behind build-your-own guns is effort wasted on solving the actual problem. Almost every mass shooter in the last decade either legally obtained their weapons or took them from someone who legally obtained their weapons. Diverting attention away from that fact does a disservice to ever fixing Read more