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responding to you repeatedly trying to own me has taken time out of my day that could otherwise be spent working. i cannot, and will not in future, take the time to personally explain to each and every person the things i literally already wrote in my review, which you read. i will respond to one more thing, though.
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You’re free to like a thing I dislike. That’s fine. What’s weird is your insistence is that I don’t “get” it, which probably makes you feel better about liking something I dislike. Cool stealth edit on your original comment to accuse me of elitism, by the way! Read more

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Weird, notice how Fatmooch’s post wasn’t about telling a specific For Honor dev how he could do their job better than them, despite not ever working in their industry? I wonder if that had something to do with it.

6:51 PM

I wouldn’t mind a movie with Rose as the lead character. She was my favorite part of The Last Jedi. She wasn’t a Jedi. She wasn’t a super fighter pilot. She wasn’t a general. She was just a grunt. An engineer doing her best to keep the ships in working order, but she was going to be damned if she was going to let Read more

6:40 AM

I know the compute side of things will always be the sexiest, but how about a shout-out for the massively parallel file system needed to feed the beast? Behind Summit there is 250PBs of storage serving 2.5 terabytes per second from 32,494 disks presented as a single file system.
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I was honored to have Patricia on the team all these years and will miss her a great deal. In announcing her departure to the team, I tried to sum up what a great talent she’s been, and I wanted to share that here, publicly, with Kotaku readers as well: Read more

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great question! a lot of people assume that this means no one should own anything at all, but that’s not actually true. This phrase originated in french anarchist Jean-Pierre Proudhon’s 1840 book What Is Property? Proudhon was arguing against the idea of the sovereign right of property, that someone can unilaterally Read more

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TLJ is like listening to a guy tell you how dumb you are for liking star wars Read more

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The sad part is, this is the world we create when we choose to embrace ourselves and our selfishness over our compassion and our generosity. This plays out daily in human life, not where those on top can see with ease, but beneath where most live in terror and fright.
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The way America is currently trying to reckon with its unspoken realities of abuses of power against racial, sexual and gender minorities…I wish gamers would have that sort of community soul seeking endeavor. Painful and violent and with gnashing of teeth though it may be, I think we owe it to ourselves and the world Read more

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no in the bad timeline pikachu is stripped of his detective license and deported