"A Dress" -Calvin Klein
10:07 AM

So very cool, I love things like this and thanks for sharing! I believe it and I have anecdotally heard other people say the exact same thing, that she’s simply radiant. I’m so excited for this show my scalp tingles when I think about it. Just the biggest swoon of a couple of leads.

7:06 PM

I grew up in a two family house. A young couple lived on the first floor and mine lived on the second. One day the wife came up to have coffee with my mother. I told the wife that my mom laid on the floor to hear the couple’s fights better.

8:41 PM

I remember an interview where she talked about how she had hit a point where she really wanted to date men her age, and thought she’d finally managed that with him and then was WTAF!!!!! when she found out he was younger than her 😂 

10:03 PM

Forget about editing The Notebook. I want them to make it where Dear Zachary isn’t so fucking awful sad. 

9:46 PM

Don’t tease me, you know what I do for a living.

8:29 PM

Defending Your Life is a really really under-rated movie. Haven’t seen it in a long time, but I love have seen it several times. Also, Being There. Nice list!

7:26 PM

I genuinely do not have the attention span for movies, so I rarely watch them, and my list of favorites is short and 50% purely sentimental: That Thing You Do!, The Last Unicorn, Fight Club, The Usual Suspects.

6:33 PM

ohhh The Birdcage is Nathan Lane in the purest most distilled form. I LOVE that movie. That’s a solid list there! Some cheesiness, but nothing wrong with that! I myself am definitely a bit of a film snob (I watch all these YouTube channels like Screenprism and Lessons from the Screen Play which do these great video Read more

5:27 PM

Hi, I love Three Billboards and Also an all time favourite movie is Grosse Point Blank. 

6:16 PM

It’s your Weekly Achievement Thread! What have you done this week that you’re proud of? Let us know so we can crow along with you!

5:42 PM

You must watch Schitt's Creek, both to understand the reference and also to improve the overall quality of your life.

4:04 PM

Hey! You’re me! Want to talk about my bipolar mom?? We can swap stories and share all our dark “secrets”. I swear, two drinks in and I’ll tell you where my nuclear codes are because I have zero filter/overshare everything. And same, I can keep other people’s secrets just not my own.

11:26 AM

I do this too, and have for years, apparently, but did not know it about myself. When I met my husband, another over-sharer, I mentioned something to my best girlfriend about it. Her eyes got wide and she searched my face in silence. Finally she asked, “are you joking? That’s *exactly* what you do!” Now my husband and Read more

8:31 AM

I am the same way. My life is an open book (well, more like a podcast you can’t turn off.) A quick glance at my voluminous commenting history here will confirm this. The six words that should strike fear into any of my conversation partners are, “I never told you this story?” Read more

6:20 PM

Right?! The last season was bonkers with how many handshakes there were.

1:16 PM

I highly recommend the podcast “My Dad Wrote a Porno”.  Each episode they read a chapter of a truly terrible “erotic novel” written by the host’s father.  He continually has to confront the fact that his father is a terrible writer AND knows nothing about how sex works.

9:34 PM

My wife and I are putting in some built-ins for our living room (books and records) and our bedroom (more books and floor to ceiling wardrobe) . I gotta say, she has waaaaaaaaay more money than we have and the proportions of her apartment seem....odd. I’m sure it’s a nice space but it looks/feels sterile from the Read more