"A Dress" -Calvin Klein
9:17 PM

Not totally about this comment, but will leave this here - my dad was an extra in fosse/verdon and said Michelle Williams might be the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen IRL.

8:12 PM

I’m your age, and every time I go out with a younger guy, I think of Meghan Mullally and Nick Offerman. They are one of my favorite Hollywood couples and I think they’re almost 10 years apart - she’s older :)

9:21 PM

That Thing You Do! is fabulous!!! One of the first CDs I think I ever owned. Playtone - Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s prduction company - also did Mamma Mia, which is my other happy movie.

9:14 PM

I CAN’T BELIEVE I left off my namesake movie Clueless, which to me is one of the most amazingly well written screenplays of all time. Tossing Clueless in there as my number one of five, and moving the rotation three of the top five into my top ten. I am so embarrassed!! I was actually a writing major at Tisch so also Read more

6:18 PM

Baby Boom, Defending Your Life, Beetlejuice, Sound of Music, and a toss up between Bye Bye Birdie, Being There, and Battle of Algiers for my number five slot. Honorable mentions go to 50/50 (don’t judge, it’s a great movie) and Mamma Mia (for pure fun alone). Seconding the Grosse Point Blank comment, too. Read more

8:31 PM

And wine, sometimes. And overcast breezy days (or sunny if you prefer). And kittens (or puppies you prefer). And pasta. And the “dance around the apartment” dance (everyone knows what this is). And “accidentally” listening in on amazing and kind conversations between strangers. Hope you’re doing ok OP.

8:18 PM

1) I like those names! 2) wowwww that interview. I have one next week thYs scheduled for 4 hours and I think that’s insanely long. 

7:47 PM

OMG I never thought that would be featured. And for the record, I’ve lived in NYC for 15 years and NY my entire life. Dying hahaha

1:07 AM

Ha mine are “have I told this story before?” Because undoubtedly I have and then someone has to sit through it again because even if they say yes, I’m telling it again!

7:36 PM

A friend of mine interviewed for a job she really wanted and had accidentally printed out her writing sample without the last paragraph (or something similar - maybe it had a typo? Something like that). When she realized, they were so impressed that she fessed up to it and allowed her to resubmit it over email. She Read more