A Drop of Hell, A Touch of Strange
Yesterday 1:00AM

He likes his bushes smothered, covered, chunked, and peppered.

Thursday 10:30AM

Easy. The 1984 Chevy C-10 Silverado that my grandpa bought a month before I was born.

My grandpa had just retired (this was still the era where you could do that at 53), his hips were shot, and he wanted a “fancy” truck. So he went to the dealer and ordered a fully-pimped Silverado-trim truck. It didn’t have 4WD or the

Monday 4:27PM

Voting for god, gays and guns won’t actually make those bigots lives better. 
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6/13/21 6:31AM

Migos excel at what I like to call Balcony Music, which is music best enjoyed on the balcony of an expensive high-rise apartment while you’re drinking ridiculously overpriced champagne. It’s there to be in the background.

6/12/21 6:27PM

For the most, yeah, its a lot of that going on. The only thing I’d clarify more is the distinction between “conservative reaction to CRT” and conservative news outlets. Conservative reaction as it pertains to the general public mirrors a lot of the reaction to past outcries. The distinction that should be pointed out Read more

6/11/21 3:23PM

I’m almost certain they will be pot equivalents of mimics. A large amount of what Miyazaki does is screw you over for your preconceptions or acting on your basic instincts. It makes complete sense to take every gamer’s instinct to crush any pot they see and then make them nervous any time they a pot. Read more

6/10/21 2:49PM

Seth MacFarlane can literally work on any stupid thing he wants as long as he keeps executive producing American Dad! & voicing Stan & Roger.

6/10/21 1:32PM

I was talking mostly about inside my house and only on command. Its something the manufacturers can consider for the future since protection is one of the traditional purposes of a dog. Just seeing this thing run at them would scare most intruders* long enough for me to go back to plan A, which is just to shoot them Read more

6/05/21 6:46PM

The problem is that everyone tried to paint this as overt racism which it’s obviously not. A very wealthy person on break from Princeton received an award for being pretty from a weirdo in a lace mask during an annual gala for wealthy families in St Louis. That’s all very, very mockable. Obscene wealth has it coming.  Read more

6/04/21 10:57AM

Oh boy, the fun semantic argument of what counts as a game

6/02/21 4:25PM

I think it was this! and thanks!

6/02/21 3:58PM

I mean Ferb is clearly the brains of the operation but he is not great with the conversation. 

6/01/21 5:04PM

Oh man, you didn’t check in to see how this insane stretch of a nothing-burger was getting roasted over at The Root? Cause it’s getting no traction there, and it feels like their readership should know. Read more