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I think what an awful lot of them are confusing is “I made $XXX this month” with “I have a steady source of income.” Anyone who works in creative/artistic/performing media knows that’s BS. You’re basically applying for a new job every time, or your audience will go elsewhere. 


It would be nice to know if these will run graphics intense software well for software like Revit, ArchiCAD with their rendering plugins like VRay.
Right now my architectural office is stuck buying expensive workstations and it would finally be nice to get this power at a consumer price level and an ability to do Read more

Aug 12

The only issue I have with this generalization is this: the way our primaries work out, we didn’t have a lot of options that hadn’t already left the field when I got to vote. I honestly think that maybe our primaries worked before a 24h news cycle and social media—but now it’s not really easy to tell who the preferred Read more

Aug 12

It’s believable, not because conservative folks didn’t get the memo that culture has evolved. Read more

Aug 12

VPs are generally not announced until right before the convention. As I check my watch, it looks to be before the convention this year as well. Read more

Aug 11

Wait, so you mean to tell me a device in a safety critical industry operates using an ancient- and thus well known and well understood- piece of hardware that also requires physical access (and thus cannot be remotely exploited)? Read more

Aug 11

It’s likely the multiple industries who have started applying the engineer title to non-degree’d engineer roles. Sales Engineer, Service Engineer, Maintenance Engineering, etc. All done by people who possibly have a diploma.

Aug 10

Slime Climb is my absolute favorite by far. It feels like the least random of all the courses, the most skill based. I’ve lost plenty of times, but it’s always felt fair.

Aug 10

Slime club is amazing, yes is hard, but nothing is rewarding as winning a round and look how more than 20 players plummet to their death. Also Block party has the record for the most deaths in one single round I have ever seen. Once these two blocks came, so a bunch of people went to the center  to evade it, and at Read more

Aug 10

His name is “Madison Cawthorn”....he was BORN as an Old White Guy

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Aug 10

My aunt was a programmer back in the 80s and wound up re-entering the workforce in the late 90s doing Y2K compliance. She said they all knew back in the 80s that two-digit years would cause the program to crash once the year turned over to 00, but memory was too tight to spare additional digits, and it seemed absurd Read more

Aug 10

I agree with all of that except Afghanistan. Had gore won and 9/11 still happened, he would have almost guaranteed losing the next election had he not gone into Afghanistan. The entire country was behind that war.  

Aug 7

How can you mention Daredevil and not note that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage also had their first seasons as their best? Read more

Aug 7

“students of any age who drink any alcoholic beverages, whether on or off-campus, forfeit their privilege of enrollment as students.” Read more