Admiral Asskicker

I mean, technically most gaming laptops do not have a separate “graphics card”, and often just have the GPU and CPU integrated into the motherboard. Looking at the image up top it seems that the goal is to integrate both of these processors into a single unit, which does seem to farfetched (I think intel/AMD already Read more

Aug 5

An aside: I was playing the 3-team game where you race to get your ball in the goal. Our team CLEARLY got our ball there first (like way before other teams), yet I was eliminated (along with partied friend on the same team)? Do you know WHY that happened? Is there some mechanic I missed?

Aug 3

It’s interesting to see (ponder? contemplate?) how a sport with no American (USA) competitors interacts with a movement that is very US-centric (even if the underlying issue is global in scope).

Jul 29

So her crime was worthy of the mentioned arrest method, yet afterwards was basically “Hey go home, show up in court later for a misdemeanor offense”. Read more