It has come to my attention that you can now pick up a Ferrari 550 Maranello for just over 100K. 

I don’t think they’ll appreciate for a few more years and they’re all stick shift. If you had some money to spend, you could have someone turn it into a 575 GTC clone for the street complete with N/A V12 and a gated manual, and I don’t think they’re old enough such that modifying them would be sacrilegious.

I've got like 5/32 of tread left on my summer tires and I'm going to be switching to winters soon.

Should I store the old summer tires that I’ve had since the car was new and put them back on only to replace them not very far into next year or should I just junk them now? I don’t technically need the winter tires yet but they’ve got a lot of tread left and it could start snowing any time within the next month or so…

People who list cars for sale online as a Manual Transmission when they don't have 3 pedals are the devil. 

There should be a way to report those posts and have them changed. That would make browsing AutoTrader infinitely more pleasant. Furthermore, I’m curious who they think they’re fooling, because it means that they know that people will look at their car more then have hundreds of people be dissatisfied and leave the…