ad infinitum
11:37 PM

Just FYI, what you described is not what actually happened, and congrats on finding yourself wholeheartedly agreeing with a right wing shit poster.

9:19 PM

Jezebel is supposed to at least REPORT on the third candidate when discussing what happened to candidates who came in first, second and fourth, regardless of whether they support her or not. But Jezebel omitted MENTIONING the candidate (Warren) who came in third in one article, and then disingenuously wondered in Read more

4:34 PM

Sanders’ comments that being a woman is a liability somehow turning into a problem for Warren [kisses fingers] I mean that is some primo top shelf horse shit. Read more

4:22 PM

Well, she’s paid for her missteps more than anyone else, hell she even paid for Sander’s mistep (a woman can’t win.) The media HAS taken its focus off of her no doubt, she’s not getting positive coverage at all. Hell, this is a “supposedly” feminist site, and the loudest political blogger here, has been writing Read more

4:16 PM

I think she started getting erased as soon as she proposed the plan for her wealth tax. Who owns the media? Rich people. God forbid they pay their fare share — which they might have to if Warren is elected. 

12:45 PM

I’d have an easier time with this rationale if the main criteria for “forgiveness” in instances like these weren’t just “well, he didn’t rape anyone else in the last 15 years,” so we can’t really consider that one rape part of his character or legacy. It’s like men get freebie rapes as long as they promise to be good Read more

11:34 PM

And it’s not like she mysteriously just decided not to testify. It was quite clear what Kobe and his defense team (and the largely complicit media) did that could explain why she decided not to.

9:47 PM

Nope, because that means facing a lot of uncomfortable truths, and people would rather not do that. Read more

6:07 PM

That’s when you get the “if you cared so much, why didn’t you bring this up before”....well, because Kobe wasn’t a frequent topic of conversation, and if I’d brought it up without context you’d tell me not to talk about it because “it happened so long ago.”

5:03 PM

That was a beautifully written article, particularly this last line:
“Because if you wanted to encourage a culture of rape, the best way to do so would be to endorse and honor the most visible members of society who have been accused of rape.”

4:10 PM

Thank you for this. The Root, which usually has excellent, insightful coverage, had an article listing Sonmez’s tweet as a “mistake”, alongside things like the BBC’s ‘In Memoriam’ montage featuring LeBron James, or an MSNBC reporter calling his team the Los Angeles [N-word]s. This post is much more nuanced and Read more

4:01 PM

I saw the reaction to Sonmez’s tweet yesterday and was holding my breath for the WaPo’s reaction. Yup. They made the wrong call, just like I thought they would. You don’t punish a reporter for conveying accurate information. She didn’t tweet it directly to his family. She didn’t add commentary calling him anything Read more

11:50 AM

Yeah, especially when you realize that if you write something that’s really nuanced and well-articulated (and god forbid, intersectional), no one will read it. But if you write something shallow and petty and that sounds like you’re off your rocker and makes people want to argue against you, suddenly you’re popular Read more

10:44 AM

The mention of Schwyzer gets me incensed all over again. I’m still agog that Coen was allowed to linger here for years after that debacle. Read more

3:08 PM

“Inclusion absolutely matters, in the classroom and outside the classroom, but yelling at a single woman with absolutely no sway in the publishing or academic worlds, is not the way to get it.”  Read more

4:11 PM

Look, this is why this shit is a big deal. YA novels aren’t some kind of frivolous bullshit that isn’t worth reading because they aren’t The Great American Novel. If you’re at a university to challenge yourself academically, the Common Read isn’t the only place you can do that, and telling everyone that you joined a Read more