ad infinitum
Jan 27 2020

It’s not just that people “aren’t using Bryant’s sexual assault allegations as the lede.” It’s that journalists are literally being punished for mentioning them at all. The Washington Post suspended Felicia Sonmez for not having the good taste to join the rest of the media in pretending the rape never happened. That’s Read more

May 23 2019

For a long time whenever anyone searched “Marc Lepine” in Google, the first auto suggestion was “Marc Lepine hero.” It’s still one of the top suggestions. And for awhile there was a movement to create a national holiday is his honor.

Apr 19 2019

I was calling it The Man Cave, but the Mulaneys told me that if I call it that they will no longer be my friend,” he added, “So, now I call it The Basement like The Ohio State University. I don’t like that college. It’s the ‘the’ that’s the important part.” Read more

Apr 17 2019

Much like all the men pretending they’re too scared to hire or work with women in the wake of Me Too.

Apr 15 2019

I’ve never really understand how angry people get about the concept of meatless options. McDonald’s and Burger King aren’t ever going to stop offering beef burgers, so what’s the point in being offended that they also offer veggie options? A lot of people don’t eat meat. A lot more people limit their meat consumption. Read more

Apr 15 2019

Yeah, this is a seriously weird hill people are choosing to die on. If he hadn’t been warned that porn was not welcome in his parents’ home and informed of what his parents would do if they found it, he would have a valid complaint. But he was warned, he was told exactly what happen if he ignored that warning, and he Read more

Apr 11 2019

Tomatoface used to be quality troll. Annoying as fuck, obviously, but incredibly good at concern trolling in a way that fooled a lot of people, and the obscure tomato reference thing was just funny. If this actually is Tomato face, they’re a pale imitation of their former self.

Jan 4 2019

I grew up in Hawaii, where rice is typically served with an ice cream scoop, and the non-sticky stuff just seems wrong to me. As a kid I was baffled by Uncle Ben’s commercials.

Jan 2 2019

I know way too many, mostly because I’ve been binging on news/politics Twitter since the run-up to the 2018 election. Clearly I need to reconsider my life choices. Read more

Nov 5 2018

That’s really what it comes down to. Hotness is the only thing Trump values in women, so he can’t even conceive of a compliment that doesn’t focus on being hot.

Oct 31 2018

This is actually an unfortunate issue — since most non-asshole vegans don’t feel the need to talk endlessly about their eating habits (many, in fact, actively avoid talking about it, because the response is rarely positive), people just assume they don’t exist. Read more

Oct 31 2018

I went to a liberal arts college. And I live in Southern California now. I’ve still met way people who are furious that vegetarians/vegans exist and love to expound on the subject than evangelical vegetarians/vegans. Most of the vegetarians and vegans I know actively avoid talking about the subject because they’re so Read more

Oct 31 2018

The knee-jerk fury on the subject is very odd. I get that evangelical vegans (and vegetarians — there’s plenty of knee-jerk fury about them as well) are as annoying as fuck, but as you note below, there are way fewer of them than there are evangelical anti-vegans. Even in Southern California, which is way friendlier Read more

Oct 24 2018

If that’s the case, a link to the existing story would be really helpful.

Oct 23 2018

I wish more people realized that the AKC has a very long history of certifying even the most horrific puppy mills and aggressively lobbying against any form of anti-cruelty legislation (even legislation crafted based on its own supposed codes of conduct). A whole lot of animal lovers assume that the organization Read more

Oct 23 2018

You and your daughter are good people! So glad your sweet boy found a good home.