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Jul 5

As I recall, the problem with Ms. Yoffe’s statement wasn’t so much the suggestion that getting blackout drunk was a bas idea but that doing so made the women at fault for their own rapes. Read more

Jul 5

And? The fact Rowling was abused by a cisman, as too many women frankly still are, doesn’t counter the situation that Gender Critical Feminism plays up fears of increased abuse or the potential of it from cismen to demand that transpeople, transwomen in particular, are stripped of their basic rights and dignity. Read more

Jul 5

It’s part of a thread that aims to present the idea that being a transperson is really an outlet for other unresolved problems like abuse or mental health and that this is a common problem that ends with the claim that pushing this, that it’s “easier” to transition and live as a transwoman than as a gay man when gay Read more

Jul 5

“I love trans women but trans women are just a weird subset of men and also some of them are probably just faking it and I’m afraid they’re going to grope me in the bathroom. Also trans men are really women whether they like it or not and they don’t get any say in the manner. Also all trans people are just gays and Read more

Jul 4

Why? Black voters aren’t going to vote for Kanye because of his race. Kanye’s said some really divisive things in the last couple of years and (like with just about every racial demographic) Black voters tend to be 40+, most of them aren’t going to throw their vote away on a novelty candidate.  
You know who would Read more

Jul 4

Ishena, you left out that all 4 had their license to operate as police officers in the state of Colorado revoked. Even if the union gets 3 of them their jobs back, that doesn’t mean they get these back - which means the most they will be is an administrative clerk. The 4rth resigned, so the union can’t help him. Read more

Jul 3

So it’s ok to talk about the inherent sexism in the games industry but if people want to talk about the inherent racism in media you’ll throw a hissy fit and accuse anyone who consumes said media and its derivatives of being racist. Read more

Jul 3

That explains why she’s holding the gun the correct way. Her husband’s a veteran and she probably is too.
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Jul 2

I was always under the impression that the original intent of that message was to pre-empt possible criticism of the first Assassin’s Creed game. That game was set in the Crusades and involved a religious conflict between people of Catholic, Jewish and Islamic faiths. Not many games would venture into that thematic Read more