Ninja Robot Pirate

Of course, but he’d still be the odd man out when you compare him to Ryan Murphy’s preferred brand of white guy with a serial killer/victim of a serial killer vibe:

Jul 13

Groff is just slightly too off-model to make it into Ryan Murphy’s stable of white and white-passing men.

Jul 13

If you are going to dismiss a message like this because the guy who originally quoted it was at one time a Nazi supporter who changed their mind (and isn’t this about changing people’s minds?), then you are discouraging people to say anything, period. Read more

Jul 13

I’m sorry, but this is an absolutely braindead take that demonstrates that you don’t understand just how Hitler was helped into power.

Jul 13

Wow, glad to see that his fellow officers actually stepped did something. Disheartening that it took until now to implement training and change the culture enough that these officers felt comfortable enough coming forw— Read more

Jul 13

How have you only seen 4 lesbian (or female gay) characters on TV and in movies? There are dozens of us. 

Jul 12

I guess, but there was an asterisk right next to it, so it’s wild that they jumped into the comments to “Well, ackshually...” the writer without bothering to read further. 

Jul 11

Splice stars Sarah Polley, so I was duty-bound as a Canadian to give it a chance, but it's... not great. 

Jul 8

Even the way she kept saying “Yeah, but you’re different” - you can bet that Thandie Newton’s being British plays into that. “You don’t understand, Thandie, this character is black black.” Makes me think of John Boyega not being able to use his British accent in the Star Wars movies because it “didn’t fit.” But Daisy Read more

Jul 7

So many great lines in the movie, but for some reason, “I’m from Buenos Aires, and I say kill em all!” just sends me over the edge. Read more

Jul 7

The best part of The Root’s comment section is seeing the same handful of greyed commenters posting the same hateful garbage over and over again with the desperate hope that someone will respond and ungrey the comment. Sad!

Jul 6

There is a picture of Chrissy Teigen’s boobs on Jeanine Pirro’s phone. Teigen is asking her why. 

Jul 5

I swear, your whole deal is popping into comment sections to drop some tenuously related tidbit about something you remember from several years ago. Read more