J. David Buerk
Feb 20 2018

We’ve dubbed this man “Shift Bae” in the office.

Apr 9 2017

For one, your username checks out. For two, you sure have REALLY strong emotions about this subject. Read more

Apr 9 2017

Now if they’ll just allow them to play on sites other than youtube, they’ll be golden.

Apr 9 2017

I’m just going to wait for the Maldonado crash Supercompulation. It will be glorious.

Mar 8 2017

I don’t care that they destroyed the truck - they can do that if they want. But to leave it out there (assuming) with fluids leaking on the ground and cut two healthy trees down just to crush it...that’s unnecessary. I hope they at least cleaned up the trees and used the wood.

Mar 8 2017

Beyond the fact that they could have sold it for a couple grand even in iffy condition, this makes me want to cry. I mean, I looked for a truck of this vintage, and I couldn’t touch one that moved under its own power for less than 3K. Read more

Mar 8 2017

Still doesn’t justify dumping a couple of gallons of ethelyne glycol into the dirt.

Mar 8 2017

So... are these the people us city-dwellers are supposed to reach out and discuss politics with?

Mar 6 2017

A Sheriff’s department deputy wasn’t entirely certain a crime has been committed, and stated: “If we are looking into something, we need a victim. We don’t have a victim.”
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Feb 22 2017

When it comes to air traffic the definition of “close” (as well as the word “incident”) is very, very different than say, a near miss fender-bender. Air-traffic-control wise this is a pretty serious fuck-up not only because he came that close to an airliner, but because he’s in the wrong place altogether.

Feb 11 2017

This is what happened to me and my 61 galaxie build.

Jan 21 2017

Absolutely! He should maybe set up a private email server, too!