The rarely used interrobang would be an appropriate use of punctuation mark here, as the intent seems to be a screaming interrogative reminder inciting the viewer to perform the task.

The graphics to stay true to the original movie. :) Read more

An excellent find... we should be frightened of Luigi. Read more

Yep where's the explainer video for those processes, I refrained from posting a link to a document describing other ways to use animal tissues. Read more

I found this page while searching for "partially defatted fatty beef tissue", yes that is still gross but that help resolve an unanswered query of mine. Read more

People that owned disk storage devices had it easy everyday, not like other users. :) Read more

For that price maybe an it would have less than a dozen, less than five megabytes. I remember getting my first PC, a used 386 system that was designed to be used like a server with a whopping two megabytes with glorious monochrome text & graphics. :) Read more

Go to this web site for an exposure blending script and other knowledge. (the site is completely safe.) Read more

Let this man acquire a fluffy loud talking rag doll cat, he shall know regret upon waking of the cat. :) Read more

Equally abysmal, there are music CD/DVDs with extra content that have the songs you desperately want but only can be bought by importing the disc, and it's a similar problem with some digital downloads. Read more

I suppose some possibly unfortunate person gets the job of taste testing the catch of the day. Read more

Are these pseudo-crabs edible? Read more

Yep, it is perfect and that's good idea! :) I did try to find a larger image but this was the only one. :/ Read more

I know you love them now, oh yes getting a good picture of spider can be another source of frustration. The one I want to see sometimes skitters away or turns its back to me.

Neat! :) Those jumping spider palpi in that picture resemble little gloves. 8) Read more

I encountered one jumping spider that seemed warn me to go away before it nearly decided to jump on my face, I would have deserved the result but it was so cute not closely examine the little critter. Read more