All Motor Is Best Motor
Aug 4

Transcribing a 1-hour interview is about as close to back-breaking work as this job gets. I hope you all like it.

May 13

Again, a proper GT2 will have been restored to factory spec. You clearly don’t know Porsche folks, they definitely would have rebuilt a GT2 from just a VIN, because it’s a MILLION DOLLAR CAR.

This isn’t an S15, it’s a goddamn GT2. 

Mar 11

Why do you car about being seen in it, if its ignored on the road?

Feb 27

Well, I’ll tell you how it is next Saturday when I’m going to drive the track. It’s the first public opening since they started remodeling last year. Looking forward to the changes they made (turn 3 was always banked, but it’s steeper now). Read more

Dec 30

“Hey, that video game was really cinematic!” is never a good reason to make a game into a movie. I like the Uncharted series just fine, but take away the game part and you’ve got a slightly better than average made-for-syndication Indiana Jones ripoff from the ‘90s, starring Dean Cain and Jennie Garth.

Nov 29

I would put heated steering wheel at the top of that list....a true game changer. 

Nov 20

Adam Corolla is working on a doc about them as we speak. 

Nov 20

☝️ This. Or all encompassing that IMSA era w John Paul, Randy Lanier etc. Or the Don Aronow murder and Apache/offshore powerboat racing scene in the 80s

Oct 27 2018

Dennis…Dennis…Dennis. Just re-read what was said above. You’ll get this!

Jul 25 2018

Ravenholm -was- terrifying. I submit the parking garage in Ep. 1 is way worse.

May 14 2017

Iowa, driving from Minnesota to Kansas City. They’ve got nice highways but it’s all just farmland and wind turbines. The top of the state looks exactly like the bottom of the state, and all the way through. Time essentially stands still as you make your way across the state.