May 13

he probably is who patented the prismatic “day/night” mirror; the mirror has two reflective surfaces (one much less reflective than the other) and that tab just flips the mirror down to the less reflective surface when some jamoke has his high beams blasting into your interior. Read more

Apr 16

Unfortunately this strategy does not work for me for their broken PS4 app.

Apr 14

If they make a 2-door out of this platform, I am all over it.

Apr 10

Goddamn, what the hell happened with Crunchyroll this season?  Almost everything got picked up by Funimation.

Apr 9

Best: IX. It’s the culmination of the PS1 era where Squaresoft was at its most creative high. It’s fun and whimsical in a way that Final Fantasy games apparently are no longer allowed to be since they’re now determined to solely be the fever-dream of a 13 year old edgelord.

Worst: All of modern day Final Fantasy. It’s Read more

Mar 26

Your idea is worth the shot if you’re fine on your current teleworking income. Small businesses are what made this country what it is, and that’s worth pursuing.

Mar 25

I have always wondered about a situation just like this.  If absolutely everyone stayed indoors for, say, 1 month, would some viruses just die out due to lack of transmission?

Mar 25

That, and the Republicans were to trying to shaft working-class people out of $600 in stimulus funds...but the Democrats pushed back, and now everybody making less than $100k / year will get same amount of money.

Mar 25

I’m from California and this is true... Maybe not for much longer though.

Mar 25

I would’ve preferred the Democrat’s plan. Keep in mind that both plans were VERY similar. The differences are:
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Mar 25

Same.  I’m thrilled to get a free $3400 windfall (two kids), but so far my employer is still paying me to work from home, so.... why do I need it?  We’re pretty resolved to pay it forward and make sure it gets to people who need it more.  I think the $75/99k cap is decent, but for couples it should be lower.  A couple Read more

Mar 24

My personal list of games that need remakes is always topped by Skies of Arcadia. This delightful JRPG with a unique setting, lovable characters, and a story that truly captures an “age of discovery” feeling deserves to be introduced to a new generation of gamers. Plus, who could say no to airship battles with modern Read more