Sith Lord Sexy Pants

I’m not sure it looks great. It certainly isn’t ugly, but it is bland. It somehow reminds me of the anonymity of the NMS Passat. Honestly, I prefer the 10th gen. While the 10th gen has some oddities to it, it as a bit of commitment to something more than blandness. Read more

High speed. What they mean is speed. Cops and news people.. stop trying to sound smart or cool or technical. Just say speed. Speed is already a rate. Saying a rate of a rate means you’re talking about acceleration. While the Tesla had to have accelerated a some point, it looked like its acceleration was around zero Read more

He went on to say he’d “love to see auto manufacturers take some responsibility,” regarding the misuse of performance cars” Read more

I disagree. They’re people with issues, but there may still be hope that some of them can be convinced that hate isn’t a good path to follow. If we consider them to be subhuman (that’s how many slave owners thought of their slaves), we’re not really all that much better than they are. Read more

There are more rich Democrats that are richer than most rich Republicans in Congress. Read more

That is literally what certain OEM units are: An LED swapped version of the exact same incandescent housing. Read more

So...ignore the expert, cuz you “feel you know better.”
Right. I bet you fall in the “Covid-19 is a hoax camp”, too..

Man, that’s a special kinda dumb. Read more

“I reject your reality and substitute my own.” Read more

Stern gave me good advice 20 years ago when I wanted to upgrade my halogen headlights to HID and he knew what he was talking about then. Here I am now with 25 years experience engineering, 20 of it in the automotive biz and 5 in the automotive headlight biz and he’s still right. Read more

And once again, the internet ignores the expert and makes its own opinion. Read more

My old Moto G5S Plus screen cracked real bad right as the Power and Stylus both came out. It was a tough decision but I went with the Stylus because double the storage and a slightly smaller battery was more than enough for me. Oh and the superior camera. The actual stylus feature is barely used but I have used it to Read more

The protestors were on private property. They had smashed open a gate that secured the private road and property. Duh. It was not a public thoroughfare. Not a crime to protect yourself and your property from a mob under the Castle Doctrine. Hint: The AV Club is not the place for accurate news.  Read more

Why is it pointless?  It is either a poor word choice by the author or purposefully chosen to be needlessly sensational (the latter is worse). Read more

Somewhere along the way the disingenuous decided that Flatten the Curve meant Every Life Counts. This was a clear political response to the free market nutjobs who think they will shoot the virus. Flatten the Curve has succeeded, even in less restrictive states the hospitals can handle the new caseload, which Read more

This is interesting new information. Thanks for the article. But can we please stop with leading every article with “The death toll is climbing Read more

And to think Torino was considered a mid-size car. Read more

But you don’t need to make it a unanimous effort. By implementing new items, new technologies, and having large corporations force the effort you have people adapt regardless of their beliefs. Read more

I don’t agree with Clarkson hating on Greta, but I think his message is valid. Why should we sit around and argue about how we are going to die and when we are going to die, instead of focusing on how to fix these issues? Read more

Some crop species tolerate saltwater, so why not use it to irrigate them? Read more