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Apr 26

It’s a little known provision of the Southern California Multimedia Rental and Distribution Act of 1988 (also known as the Hollywood Video Act). Perhaps a little harsh, but it solved a real need at the time.

Apr 26

What are your SafeSearch settings? Similarly to violence and sexual content, having SafeSearch on can filter out information on criminal cases. 

Apr 26

Was my favorite part of the job, getting to call in the authorities on those dirty scofflaws that didn’t comply. A lot of people also thought they could get away with not rewinding their DVD’s either but we could always tell.

Apr 26

Where did this happen? I know the internet isn't the best way to confirm things but I just googled those exact words and not a single result came up.

Apr 26

No, it’s true. I did 3-5 years hard labor(busting blocks) for a ‘failing to be kind’ conviction.

Apr 26

As I recall, people used to regularly catch 1-3 years for returning a tape un-rewound all the time back then.

Mar 11

I agree with you on the not having kids part, but pooling your resources as a couple is so much better than being single. I felt way more secure financially once I got married and added that second income to my household. Now that we both have moderately better jobs and still no kids, we’re expecting Robin Leach to Read more

Mar 11

I always thought it was odd he lived in that dream house, with a beautiful wife, a son who owns a factory and lobster for dinner.. Meanwhile I live in a single room over a bowling alley and under another bowling alley.

Mar 10

“Lazaridus added that in the future, it’d be interesting to compare mobility patterns of different Scythian individuals with genetic ancestry patterns; migration of these groups happened over centuries, and different populations may have settled or moved at different times.”

My next D&D mage is going to be named Lazarid Read more

Feb 18

Same with my Samsung 12.2 Galaxy Note Pro. Even the thought of of moving down to a 10" screen isn’t something I couldn’t tolerate. Samsung stopped updating it years ago, so I’m dreading the day I finally have to replace it.

Feb 18

“the Biden administration has outlined several elements that officials say will ease the burden on unemployed and working women, including $3,000 in tax credits issued to families for each child, and a $40 billion investment in child care assistance, and an extension of unemployment benefits.” If you happen to be an Read more

Feb 6

For sure. I’m just wondering if those same people think films like the Back to the Future movies should also be avoided during the holidays (if they actually air them over there). The BTTF movies contain bullying, attempted sexual assault, misrepresentation of Native Americans and Libyans, spousal and child abuse, Read more