I mean, you were right, but it wasn’t hard to tell that a company really trying to be Tesla #2 except with different shapes of cars and on an infrastructure that doesn’t exist with design language that looks like the average concept car is a big cash grab.  Read more

do you guys remember when Subway announced they had ended their relationship with Jared 15 hours before he went to jail? Read more

I’m in the “legitimately receiving PPP” camp. Read more

I can’t wait for the amazing amount of America Greed episodes that will come from the PPP lol. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fraud. I have heard about it in person from acquaintances who “own their own business” who treat this as a free payday getting more than they are entitled.
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Lmao can confirm with a texas-sized 10-4 Read more

Nissan sells the Micra in Canada for the equivalent of $7,864.19 American dollars.   Read more

Why in the world would a poor-ish person be in the market for a new car in the first place? You want cheap cars? Craigslist is a veritable gold mine. You want cheaper cars? Check the used car lots. You want cheapish cars? Go peruse the back of a dealer lot. Read more

And for anyone wondering, here’s how many years into their lifecycle these cars are.

Impreza - 4 years 
Jetta - 1 year
Mirage - 8 years
Veloster - 2 years 
Elantra - Current
Accent - 3 years
Forte - 1 year
Rio - 3 years
Sentra - Current
Versa - 1 year
Corolla - 2 years
Spark - 4 years

Venue - 1 year
Soul - 1 year
Kicks - 4 years
Ecos Read more

Did you somehow miss the part where he spent the money on strippers? Read more

You know, the crazy thing about the PPP is that these idiots spent the money before getting full forgiveness. Fraudulently document your PPP expenses, get 100% forgiveness from the bank and then you just risk the .01% chance that you would get audited. Read more

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days where you spent your stolen money on hookers and blow?   Read more

Then they should send uniformed officers in a marked NYPD cruiser, not some dudes in shorts in a Kia Sedona. Arrests like these set a dangerous precedent. What if a militia or gang bought some badges on eBay and started doing the same thing to take people out? Read more

I’m sorry, but in a post-George Floyd world, none of us get that latitude. Sorry not sorry. We have to have an extremely clear understanding of police procedures and what seems reasonable. Can you craft any scenario in which it takes more than 2 cops to arrest a person suspected of nothing more than vandalism? Because Read more

No, bullshit, an arrest is where uniformed officers clearly identifiable as police legally take someone into custody. Who were those fucking goons? Were they really police officers doing their legally-justified jobs, or were they some random thugs or rapists? How would anyone know?
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The fascists of Germany didn’t jump right to death camps. They also had little things. Like disappearing people in unmarked vehicles. Read more

because about 40% of this country has the emotional maturity of a toddler.  Read more

Ok, I laughed. Take your star. Read more