Feb 13 2018

Land cruisers imho are the best all around car you can buy, everything on these cars is great except for 2 things: the gas mileage and the infotainment systems. My mom has a 2016 LX570 and everything about it is amazing, however gas is terrible (we average around 11 mpg) and the lexus enform system is terrible, the Read more

Sep 30 2015

If you lose 10mpg on a TDI then just get a 9th gen Accord. I average 30mpg in mixed driving with a very heavy foot with the 6-Speed manual. On the hwy I get 36, and CVT owners get over 40. There are better options out there if the TDI takes a 10mpg hit with the fix. Plus you get the Honda reliability.

Jul 28 2015

NO WAY DOUG HAD A 1996 EXPLORER IN HIGH SCHOOL! Dude I am like your twin, I am a senior this year and drive a 1996 explorer. Oh and I live in Denver just like you did. Unfortunately no keypad to get in but its in very clean condition. 4.0 V6 and the 4 speed Auto, 170,000 miles and it runs perfectly thanks to my

Apr 24 2015

Almost worth buying. BRB gonna go cry.

Apr 16 2015

went to lowes a few weeks ago for some zip ties to put around my cars throttle cable, found them after 15 minutes and got home to find two packs in various sizes unopened sitting in a kitchen drawer1

Apr 2 2015

Start Reading the newspaper at home with the New Zealand Herald! It's by far the best paper I have ever read. Yesterday I got a brand new BMW since reading the ad in the paper. I have begin this yesterday and have brought home at least 1 brand new BMW already! Read more

Mar 2 2015

Next week there probably will be an manual Audi S6 Avant in nogaro blue.

Dec 5 2014

"Yeah, but imagine how many V6 Mustangs you could buy for the price of that one McLaren."

Dec 1 2014

If that $53k price rumor turns out to be true, this thing is going to be an absolute STEAL. Read more

Nov 15 2014

Stay away from HP, their cooling system is horrible.

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Oct 28 2014

I am in denver and saw a FUCKING PORSCHE 918 YESTERDAY!!! on highway 6 in lakewood. It was coming down from prestige imports. I actually emailed them and asked if they had one and they said they had it for the 27th and the 28th. Probably the coolest car i have seen on the road in denver (not including gold rush rally) Read more

Sep 21 2014

You kind of missed the cherry hills car show... There was a veyron, challenge stradale, and several other ferrari, lamborghini, and other exotics. it was at cherry hills elementary