I never thought I’d be commenting on a post like this saying I agree strongly. I bought a 2019 WRX Manual in December of 2018 and have had issues with it even since. The car refused to drive straight even after 5 alignments, the starter would periodically stick and keep trying to start the engine when it was already Read more

Land cruisers imho are the best all around car you can buy, everything on these cars is great except for 2 things: the gas mileage and the infotainment systems. My mom has a 2016 LX570 and everything about it is amazing, however gas is terrible (we average around 11 mpg) and the lexus enform system is terrible, the Read more

Get a GMT800 tahoe or suburban! We sold my moms exactly a year ago for $10,000. It was a 2004 tahoe z71 4x4 with only 1113,000 miles on it. It had all thee cool things like leather and heated seats and a big V8 up front. We probably could have gotten more but we found a buyer who appreciated the great condition of the Read more

My dad has a 2014 highlander non hybrid, awesome car and in 3 years when he gets a new one it will be a hybrid. Read more

Doug, you probably hate my family. We bought it's ugly stepsister the LX. We love it and the Gillette fusion looking grille looks really nice. Come at me bro. And it has a power lift gate and red seats. Read more

is that 4runner in front of stevenson on havana? I was there yesterday and it looks very familiar. Read more

Im just confused on why this Ferrari owner found a need to take his car out in this weather, what a showoff. Read more

Yeah that was crazy! Sandra Bullock was there when it happned... Read more

My moms family lives in Jabal Amman, I go visit every summer and I lived there for a year in 2007. Read more

MY DAD COMPLAINS ABOUT THE SHNIY ROADS ALL THE TIME. Seriously, every time he drives there he talks about how the roads shine like crazy. Do you live in amman? Read more

Whoever said Amman, Jordan is out of their goddamn mind. I go there every summer to visit family and the entire road system is terrible. the main airport highway doesn’t even have lane markers and everyone does whatever they want. Traffic lights don’t mean shit and people drive in 3 lanes at a time. Although the road Read more

Does this mean that values are gonna go down the drain on affected tdi’s? Im looking at a jetta or golf tdi as my next car and I would really like to get a 2012 for about 10 grand or so. I dont care if the gas mileage drops by 10 mpg, anything is better than the 10 mpg Im getting in my explorer Read more

I’ve heard of this guy, if his ferrari is a red 458 then it’s the one always going in to the garage at the 4 seasons. I asked valet and they said the owner lives there and that’s why we keep seeing it. Also see an sls frequently but then again u see like 10 at a time at the 4 seasons. Also a veyron shows up sometimes Read more

Yeah why not, you still work at oreilys? Read more

Lol but my dad is, so good luck Read more

Yeah but now Im 7000 miles away in Amman, Jordan on vacation until mid august Read more

You mean near the shopping center with subway in it? About 5 minutes up the street. Read more