I agree.  We live in a reality where truth itself is being called into question.  Requiring people to pay for news enables those who manufacture and manipulate the truth to offer the “news” for free.  Facts and truth shouldn’t be put behind a paywall.  That’s how we ended up where we are today. 


Incidentally, FUCK WaPo. Totally a great time to have your insurrectionist coup coverage locked behind a paywall while Fox, Breitbart, etc., offered free “coverage” of it.

Jan 18

First of all, I’m tired of thinking about this.
The tape still doesn’t clarify exactly what happened. Hard to make any judgement about it beyond what the investigators thought of Fisher. I don’t think he understands that we can’t make a judgement about his credibility without knowing the specifics of the actual claims.

Jan 15

Not at all surprised CW isn’t picking up Swamp Thing for season 2. The swamp set doesn’t exist anymore. Read more

Jan 14

Sadly CA:TFA failed to leave us with a solid impression of his extended adventures outside of taking out the Hydra bases. The montage that alluded to this didn’t seem to suggest more than what we actually saw. Read more

Jan 14

I’ve never been a fan of comic Cap. He just seems too...something. Cleancut? Goody Two Shoes? I dunno...but Evans has always been fantastic in the role. He seems more three dimensional as a character, and MCU’s Cap struggling to do what’s right was always fun to watch.

Jan 14

World War II scenes in an X-men movie involving Logan?

That would make a lot of sense. They’ve teamed up back them in comics and cartoons. It would probably be a short filming schedule letting him pursue other projects. Read more

Jan 14

I know that no one can play the same role forever, especially a super hero role, but Chris Evans got Captain America so right that I would be glad to see him in it again, if just one more.  Super mega bonus points if Peggy is back too.

Jan 8

Didn’t really care about it, but did enjoy Oliver dealing with his adult kids on the present day. It would have been better if by changing the future they no longer had a place to go back to so had to make their way in the present day. That way you get a new Green Arrow for the titular show and the Arrow supporting Read more

Jan 8

Mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand genuinely thought Kat McNamara was well suited to Mia and there was a lot of really interesting possibilities surrounding her. On the other... boy was that backdoor pilot uninspired and in a shared universe having a ‘future’ show set just 20 years ahead of the rest was Read more

Jan 8

I’m okay with it not happening. I didn’t feel like the future setting worked. 

Dec 31

Meanwhile, British tabloid The Sun reports director Matt Reeves’ has been forcing his crew “to do upwards of 50 takes” for each scene leaving “[Robert Pattinson] and the [film’s] crew exhausted.”