Dave the car guy , still here

At least he didn’t take out some innocent bystander.” Read more

Street outlaws is not real. It is filmed on closed roads, with safety crews, essentially a drag strip. Read more

That’s my question as well. This guy was working in a dangerous occupation with a legitimate risk of death or disability, and was being paid to do so by a very large media conglomerate. There should be absolutely no need for any type of additional funding beyond the preventative measures he should have taken (life Read more

Do you think this might encourage Discovery to stop exploiting these low-cost, low effort, “reality” TV shows for content? Also, why does this guy’s family need a go-fund-me? Does Discovery not have any responsibility here? Why does the public need to pitch in for something like this? Read more

I’m just impressed that David turned being that weird old guy down the road whose yard is full of car parts and who is always covered in oil into a career. Read more

My ‘99 Cobra convertible has nearly 160k miles and is still beautiful! I’m the second owner and have had it for nearly 19 years.

The basic gist the auto industry’s shift toward big honking vehicles is that, as a result of cheap gas and a decent

Looking back through the pantheon of automotive side stripe packages is a great way to get depressed by the state of

My Fiat 850 Spider in the same color as this one only with the steel wheels.

Soon it will be the weekend, and that means you can take your 968 for a rousing drive!

Don’t let anyone tell you what is or isn’t possible. Lexus top five’d in the 2001 Targa Tasmania with a 1999 IS200.

My father was the original owner of this Dina Spider- Rosendo Cruz Read more