Dave the car guy , still here

No car parts but the dishwasher does a great job of cleaning my baseball caps. Scrub with stain remover first, rinse and then put them in dishwasher on top rack minus any plates, pots and utensils. Read more

Nice job! For a rattle can repaint try Rustoleum automotive grade and its clear otherwise Spray.bike is good but more expensive. Tried to send you a picture of my Specialized M2 frame repaint from years ago but it wouldn’t post since I hadn’t been over here in many years. Read more

I’ve sprinkled cayenne pepper on my backyard before for varmints and hadn’t thought of using it on the front by sidewalks for dogs until I saw the responses here. Now I’ll have to give it a try. I have legit poison signs on my yard for a few days after lawn treatments but have seen dog owners who paid no attention to Read more

I amazes me how one group of car owners can be so consistently arrogant and entitled. Read more

OMG YES!! I’ve looked at ones made in England to add to my Audi. They look much like the old Porsche side stripes. Just trying to figure out a color what will look best and subdued on a Lava Gray A3 sportback. Read more

Awesome article Stef , well done. Read more

Very cool. If you’re still there say hello to the Audi crew for me. Up until 2015 I went to the Carlisle Import and Kit Car event for 10 years straight. Its an awesome experience and I’m looking forward to anything you’ll have to share from being there. Read more

My Fiat 850 Spider in the same color as this one only with the steel wheels.

Nice save Dave. Those old American Motors designed beasts bring back a lot of memories since my family owned so many in the past. Read more

Now if someone could just revive the Yugo. Read more

Not only was it nicknamed a Nemo mirror but many years ago I coined the term as an acronym when I was B5Davem on Audiworld. It stands for Not Enough Mirror Overall . I also would say Not Enough Mirror Overthere but technically that should have been NEMOT. Read more

One of these old Jeep Wagoneers, but with a rod rack for surf fishing mounted to the front. Same color, same year 1968. My first driving was on the beach on the Pea Island section of the Cape Hatteras Seashore before I was licensed. I learned to drive in sand before on asphalt. A valuable lesson when you lived in NC

You need to continue this trend. Sports teams names and how they came about. I posted link to this article another site and it was well received. You could do more than one sport or do all of baseball then switch it up with football followed by basketball, etc. Read more

Mine was what I thought was flawless. Car was well under market value for my region. Shipping from Chicago to Ohio was reasonable and the payment process without a glitch. The car I was told to be perfect but the CD changer wouldn’t eject, parcel shelf cord retainers missing and secondary sunroof shade had broken Read more

snow rake, sorta soft foam

I feel all this discussion over the review is rather Heinleinian in nature. If you don’t agree please comment because......

I’ve never seen a cab come free in an accident and I live in a rustbelt state. I’d be looking at somebody doing a bad DIY repair or see if that truck was ever in a flood. Read more

But to me this raises a bigger question.. Do Lancers love leaves? Read more

For sure. Why not spend the money on a real life situation instead of when they need to practice and have war games? Its one of the things I’ve never understood. Why do we have to beg and plead for these guys to do what they’ve been trained for? They are for emergencies to protect and serve, isn’t that what we are Read more

One of my favorite controllers is an old wired Xbox 360 one by PowerA. No extra buttons but I have looked into the hacking that makes some of the present switches programmable. I had issues with the rh trigger sticking and swapped a lighter weight spring from an old tape deck mechanism for a decent fix. Read more