Nov 17 2015

No, he has the solution. He just needs $2,000 to help arrange printing shipping of the theorem to the CMI. Then he’ll pay back $3,000! Easy money!

Nov 17 2015

It’s a safe bet that he may avoid matches and tinder of any kind for a while.

Sep 17 2015

Heavily biased article, and one that doesn’t accurately represent where those politicians stand on those policies. For abortion, yeah, they want to stop killing babies. They believe the life of a baby supersedes the right of the mother when she is deciding to have sex. Most people on that stage suggest that you limit Read more

Jul 14 2015

NOTE: The Hyperloop is NOT a PNEUMATIC system! Vacuum is not used. The air pressure in the tube is lowered by a few millibars. You could breathe easily! The Hyperloop works like an enclosed AIR HOCKEY table with the carrier as a puck. Read more