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Nov 2 2018

Man, I love it when the 1% sticks it to the *checks notes* municipalities that are chronically underfunded.

Oct 30 2018

Once again, another Blockbuster style Mega-anouncement event featuring basic product refreshers that could have been done just as well with a simple press release.

Oct 26 2018

How about we re-purpose a re-purposed car? The BAW Qishi S12 aka the Jeep Cherokee! Last produced in 2014, it originally dates to 1984 and in my opinion, would be the perfect vehicle of choice for emerging/rural markets (Africa, South America, India, New Hampshire, etc.). It’s cheap to buy (these sold for $12-$14K new

Oct 26 2018

Second-generation Honda CRX Si.

Oct 26 2018

The Pinto. I heard the sales of it could be explosive.

Oct 26 2018

It would be the AMC Eagle family of cars, but sold under the Jeep name.

Oct 26 2018

I don’t like the Obama era fuel regulations, but I don’t want them weakened. I want them changed a bit to be more realistic, but to also stop encouraging big trucks. Get rid of the stipulation that allows for bigger vehicles to get worse gas mileage; doing that would encourage all vehicles to become more fuel efficient Read more

Oct 20 2018

I want an RV that can combo as a tow vehicle.

Oct 18 2018

Is that because Aussie get them and you don’t?

Oct 3 2018

It’s the Porsche of Theseus!

Oct 3 2018

Honda S2000 both in and out and especially the sound

Sep 25 2018

Your Dad sounds awesome.

Sep 17 2018

I remember from 1989-1993 the town where I used to live would hold a race through the streets of their downtown area. I got to meet a lot of semi famous (at the time) race car drivers. A few of them would let me sit in their cars. One of my favorites was a lady called Lynn St James.

Sep 15 2018

Likewise you can sometimes find the Moto Polo... like this match in Rwanda:

Sep 15 2018

Oh right, like the mods would play footer. They might get their suits dirty!
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Sep 13 2018

Sub-$1k is kind of a cheater’s way to break the CP streak, but yeah, NP.

Sep 11 2018

Into my adolescence, when many things were developing, my Jalopness blossomed during the Fast and Furious age. The first movie had just been released, and soon solidified my longing for small Japanese race cars, like the EK Civic. Read more

Sep 10 2018

around 419 pounds, which is 150 pounds lighter than an equivalent horsepower V8. Read more

Sep 10 2018

I got 99 problems but a hitch ain’t one.