Feb 7 2018

Yeah, but the point is the material is blue. It’s like how the question why is the sky blue has a strange answer and we don’t ask why is the ocean blue or why is the orange orange. “the molecules do something magical” (in that most people, including me, don’t really understand it) and blue light goes to your eyes. Read more

Jul 10 2017

Don’t worry, they’ll salvage the the salvaged shiplap.

Jun 25 2017

Sorry to be that guy ... but Bombeiros on the side of the van means it’s Fire Service, not ambulance.

Jun 24 2017

That’s not really a good way to consider green or environmental, if something is high energy intensity it doesn’t mean it’s bad, almost all metals are for example. The only time it’s bad is if the energy input is disproportionate to the life cycle, Aluminium has very high energy demands, but it’s very long lasting and Read more

May 11 2017

PSA: I will pay someone to get on the fucking payload.

Feb 1 2017

If only we could communicate with them to find out if they “have most likely suffered irreparable psychological damage as a result of their symptoms.”  Read more

Nov 26 2016

If someone gives you a “well, actually...” about this you are legally obligated to slap them. It’s right there in the constitution.

Oct 7 2016

Probably because people actually died during Benghazi and Watergate was primarily Richard Nixon being a corrupt lunatic. Read more

Oct 4 2016

I really don’t get the whole “OMGZ IT’S NOT A NEXUS ANYMORE!!!!”. It’s the same concept, different name.

Sep 28 2016

“Even as Mr. Trump’s advisers publicly backed him on Tuesday and praised his debate performance, they were privately awash in second-guessing about why he stopped attacking Mrs. Clinton on trade and character issues and instead grew erratic, impatient and subdued as the night went on.” Read more

Sep 23 2016

Urine big trouble if this happens to you while streaming wirelessly. Apple shouldn’t stall, and quickly offer something in loo of completely wireless if they are jockeying for a number one slot and want to keep a leg up. Offering a dongle could hold water. Maybe they should they slash the price on a replacement pair Read more