May 1 2018

Nah, if you are shunned for that its just because people don’t like assholes

Apr 20 2018

Bah humbug to your user reported data study. TLDNR - The people that smoke weed think it makes them feel better.

Apr 11 2018

If you get a speeding ticket by automated camera, and demand to face your accuser, what happens?

Jul 13 2017

That is the entire purpose of having such extensive dealership networks... 

Jun 28 2017

At this point I think its safe to assume that an x-ray of every checked bag is sitting on a server somewhere with the passenger’s name and travel itinerary in the metadata. So yeah.

Jun 25 2017

The genius of this setup is that when you crash the ambulance is already at the scene

Jun 24 2017

conceded. although something like HardiePlank a concrete based cladding, or just straight aluminum would be as good, and not have the flammability issues.

Jun 24 2017

errr no it isn’t. Aluminium is one of the most energy intense metals to refine because of how strong its bonds with oxygen are, and polyethylene is petroleum based and not biodegradable.

Feb 15 2017

Last year I lucked into finding an ‘02 sedan with the 5 speed manual and factory optional torsen diff. I love its ability to do donuts in a snowy parking lot, but they couldn’t have made the oil filter and spark plugs harder to get to if they tried.

Dec 13 2016

The Monster Mash. Catchy, classic and reminds every one of the only reason they watch Nascar

Oct 5 2016

Not denying, but anyone that thinks Trump is going to be some champion of the people because he isn’t a career politician is seriously delusional. That gives him more license for corruption, not proof that he is free of it. He isn’t in it to end corruption, just cutting out the middle man.

Oct 5 2016

Does anyone actually believe Trump isn’t going to rape the system for all the money he can get? He runs a construction / real estate company and his primary plank is a construction project. But move one will be selling out eastern Europe to the Russians.