Oct 14

Right?!! Got one in March. My very first thought was that I’d been existing like a cave person for far too long.

Sep 19

I understand your reasoning, but I disagree.  It affects her more than zero. If enough of her projects fail, she eventually becomes irrelevant. The thing about celebrities using their status as a platform is that we provided that platform. We can at least try to take away her megaphone.

Sep 19

Trans person here and also an avid gamer and someone who loved everything Potter. I obviously can’t speak for all trans people, but I won’t be buying this game no matter how brilliant it is, and honestly all things Potter now have a stain on it from my perspective. And I say this as a trans person who could even sort Read more

Aug 29

The title said “Fictional.” Not “Sci-Fi or Horror.”

Aug 26

Unless you’ve surveyed every employee of the particular store at which you are shopping to confirm that they all “enjoy rallying up the carts” and believe it to be “easy, soothing work,” you are an asshole if you don’t put back your cart. I can’t even believe that you would try to both sides something as dumb and Read more

Aug 20

The news once again comes from Fisher, who tweeted that WarnerMedia—the vast parent company within the even-vaster TimeWarner megacorp—will launch “an independent third-party investigation” into the accusations based upon “5 weeks of interviews with various cast/crew.” Read more

Aug 5

I’m going to say this much in my opinion, this young was probably strong enough to have survived the sexual assault, but not the outlandish assault sat upon her by her community, public servants, and that piece of shit family the Barnett’s. Read more

Jul 30

Yeah, it should have a warranty.....which Tesla is not honoring on the repair.

Also, the issues are so widespread in Teslas, this is a thing at this point. Not an isolated incident.

Jul 14

This fucking sucks. I went to high school with Grant, and he was one of those people who literally never said or did a single thing that wasn’t kind or thoughtful. When he made it big, doing the weirdly brilliant stuff he loved, I was happy, because it meant the world was working the way it was supposed to: greatly Read more

Jul 1

I had Jar Jar hate... still do, but I never hated any of the actors. I blamed it all on Lucas’ choices or writing. Even then, I never really hated George either.

Hell, I hate Episode 9, but never really occurred to me to hate Abrams or Kennedy.

So I’m glad Mr. Best is getting some love. 

Jun 24

Genre movie roles and you leave out Doc Holiday? Western is a genre. For shame, Eddy, for shame. Read more