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Why do we keep getting articles like this? Deodorant NEVER has aluminum; that’s antiperspirant. Either you are misleading, or you are misguided. Either way, words mean things, and as a writer you should know that. Also, there is no danger from aluminum, that’s just fear mongering. Can we move on from these articles Read more

Why do we keep getting articles like this? Deodorant NEVER has aluminum; that’s antiperspirant. Either you are

8:01 PM

Do you really think your run of the mill strip clubber would recognize Constance Wu?

10:39 AM

President Camacho was not an incompetent leader. He recognized that he had a problem, he realized the problem was beyond the abilities of his current team, and he looked for the smartest person he could find to solve it. It ended up getting solved! Delegating to qualified personnel is one of the key traits of good Read more

3:14 PM

In the same way a police officer has an obligation to report on colleagues who abuse their power or a member of Congress has the obligation to support country over party, survivors of sexual assault have an obligation to future victims to report and testify. Read more

3:08 PM

That’s a lot of words just to punch down at a raped woman.

2:28 PM

You don’t have to have been present to review the publicly available evidence and to read his own statement after the settlement.  But regardless, that wasn’t the tack that she chose to take.  The tack she chose to take was “That’s not the man I know so I don’t believe it”. She could have said something more along the Read more

10:00 AM

Thanks for writing this examination of King’s interview. Your journalistic approach (among others like Damon Young) is well needed to understanding the complete picture of Kobe Bryant. Read more

9:54 AM

Well written, smart, fair piece. Hope you don’t get roasted for it.

8:18 PM

Mississippi is known for currently having its shit together. I can see why they wouldn’t want to mess with the formula.

5:26 PM

Ugh, Hellboy was such a fucking disappointment. Initial reports of the movie (more faithful to Mignola’s work, a more mature Hellboy) sounded so promising, so I was cautiously optimistic to begin with for the film. However my hope just kept dwindling the more that came out about it and with each trailer release. The Read more

10:08 PM

This might be the dumbest response I’ve ever seen. I have given you a star to bring you out of gray text just so people can see this post. Because frankly there's no response I could make to make you look worse than you already do.

8:25 PM

Racial motivation is something not commonly expressed when one knows of the possible repercussions, because we have so much of a sheltered racial majority that don’t actively relate, let alone interact with minorities. Being seen as a racist is enough to tear down the average American’s world, and a typical fear as a Read more

4:08 PM

I mean, Star Trek: The Original Series had the first interracial kiss on TV. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine not only had a black Captain, but included an episode directly targeting racism (“Far Beyond the Stars”). Anyone who complained about Star Trek having a black female lead apparently never saw Star Trek nor cared Read more

1:19 PM

I don’t think that the Republicans who support this mad dog regime are doing it as a matter of temporary expedience anymore. I think that they believe that the Republican base has openly embraced racial bigotry, nativism, and contempt for common decency for the foreseeable future and have grasped that as their future Read more

10:39 AM

Rebels turned out to be a such a great series. It’s unfortunate that so many Star Wars ‘fans’ refuse to watch it. Rebels and The Clone Wars is some of the absolute best Star Wars canon material.

11:07 PM

It’s a good kids show in Seasons 1 and 2, then becomes a good show in Season 3.

5:38 PM

Nice gesture by ESPN allowing UNC student athletes to help write today's captions.