Please, please let them do a Gambit spinoff! I need more Tim Riggins in my life. :-)

I'm friends (that's a generous description) with a tv meteorologist who is a staunch climate change denier. Now, I know that current (daily) weather events =/= proof or disproof of climate change, but c'mon! Part of your training as a meteorologist is to study the patterns and trends of weather over the long term, and Read more

Skouras' character is vague? How? He's obviously the antagonist. He's obviously evil. Philanthropist, he is not. That may be what's on his CV, but it's just a convenient cover, a convenient public façade. It's been pretty obvious since day one that his ultimate aim is to weaponize Bo and the other people like her, Read more

Even if any of that were true, so the fuck what? Who cares? How does it in any way affect your personally? Why are you obsessed over it? Why is this the bee in your bonnet? Seriously... Move on and do something more productive. Read more

I take pride in getting all my shoes dirty and mucked up as soon as humanly possible. The multiple pairs of chucks, couple of pairs of running shoes, and my cowgirl boots all look like they get active use because they are actively used. The only shoes I give a fuck about looking like new are my heels. Sneakers and Read more

I think you mean "The 4400," but A for effort. :-) Read more

Yeah, that misguided argument always cracks me up, too. I live in prime hunter country. There's deer, feral hog, turkey, rabbit, an obscene variety of birds, etc. to hunt around here. And the folks I know who hunt always do so very responsibly, never taking more than they can consume, following game law and bag Read more

The thing that sucks about this is that it's single use. This sucker is expensive, and if it deploys after a slight tumble, you've wasted hundreds of dollars. Read more

yes. Exactly. Same shit just happened to me. NuKinja wasn't being this big of an asshole til today. Now I can't star anyone's comments until after I comment on someone's comment. And wtf is up with the non-capitalization of the first letter? Grrr. Read more

Hear, hear, Boots!! I'm with you! I'm so sick of idiots who have never set foot in Texas judging our beautiful state, our diverse people, and our unique culture as if they know anything about it. Usually they're the same people who decry stereotyping groups of people in any other situation except for conversations Read more

No. Every uneducated, ignorant Texan you've ever known has tried desperately to believe that hogwash into existence. Anyone who actually stayed awake in history class knows we Texans do not have that right. It's nowhere in our charter. At the very most, we can break up into up to five individual states, but of course, Read more

Somebody is trying to use their ability to grow a mop of hair as a way to hold onto their lost youth. That "touch of gray" on his sideburns just doesn't look so distinguished when it's in a style of 70s shag meets emo, lol. Read more

How much money is "$25,0000?" Read more

We are all living in sin, and are saved only through grace. Our place is not to judge because we are not God. But please, continue to ostracize, demonize, and denegrate people you deem unworthy. Because that's what Christ himself did. Oh wait... No he didn't. He never did. But he did repeatedly chastise those who had Read more

You actually are blaming an entire gender: Read more

Oh yes, please let me dive deep into your comment history to try to suss out who you really are! Yeah... Thanks but no thanks. And having a personality disorder that makes it harder for you to recognize social cues doesn't excuse your sexist categorization of women, or of your "woe is me, I'm getting pushed aside Read more

"Sing-song quality to the voice" that indicates we're "content?" Who do you think we are? Disney princesses waiting to burst into song? No. Just no. We're people, not caricatures. And don't put your hand on our legs. Don't try to shove your tongue down our throats. Don't physically violate our space to try to gauge Read more

I'd laugh if you asked me the "wildest dream" question. And not in a good way. I'd probably respond back with a question of my own: "what are you trying to do, fill out an OKcupid questionnaire?" Then I'd politely excuse myself and go talk to someone else. Read more