XKSteeda - GoJJ48
6:46 PM

I'm headed to the pick n pull tomorrow to get a hood for my 1997 Chevy K1500 and I'm having trouble finding out what all hoods are interchangeable with it... I know I could use a GMC 1500 and probably a Suburban hood possibly but do y'all know what else would be interchangeable? (Tahoes, 2500s, etc.)

3:24 PM

Does anyone have any links to particularly funny videos of Kerbal Space Program? I'm gonna get around to getting the game eventually, but just want to watch others blow it for now.

12:37 PM

A lot of you guys are in committed relationships and I respect your opinions more than anyone else on the internet (seriously). I've dated this girl for a short time, and as you may know this Christmas thing is coming up soon. I'd like to get her something nice and not too expensive (it's a bit soon). If you've got

4:39 PM

It's time to replace the tires on my 05 Mustang. I'm currently running the BFG G-Force T/A KDW 2 and would like some similar performance tires. Does anyone have a reasonably priced option that they enjoy?

3:56 PM

So I went to Israel for a couple days and got back last night. Protip: Don't go to Israel for only two days, they think it's incredibly suspicious and it's not super likely you'll get in. Flying from America took forever and the trip back even longer, but well worth it. Thanks to mistake fares, it only cost me $380

1:47 PM

I drove 4.5 hours to see this car Saturday and it turns out the car wasn't anything like the seller said. The paint was rough, rust repairs were marginal, fiberglass in the floorboards, dented floors like it was used as a jack point, 1st and 2nd gear were nonexistent, and it took nearly a minute to start on a 80

2:46 PM

Is there a better form of payment I should take with me than cash when I go look at a craigslist car? I want to haggle so getting a cashier's check would make it harder to do so. I bought a motorcycle and truck with cash previously, but just want to make sure I'm not missing something better.

11:01 AM

How are these door protectors put on? I'm wondering if there are holes underneath when I take them off. Assuming I buy the car tomorrow.

10:01 AM

Hey Oppo, what's the song you've listened to the most times in the last week? I've got two tied right now, starting with Rick Ross- Diced Pineapples. I just want to know what's hitting your ears most lately.