12:29 AM

I got the call a few hours ago that he passed. It's devastating, but it's a comfort to know he's not suffering anymore. His last few months weren't good at all. He remained in good spirits despite it all, though; a true testament to his character.
Thank you for all of the internet hugs and gifs last night. It'll be Read more

8:50 PM

My best friend's dad, who I consider a second dad, is dying from cancer. He has hours, days, who knows. They're making him comfortable. Read more

3:40 PM

How much do I love Amazon Prime? Let me count the ways... I added a whole bunch of movies and tv series to my playlist. I'm now embarking on the epic journey of Buffy (I missed out the first time around). Read more

10:06 PM

So my night's in the pooper. We had to take our one cat to the emergency vet for what is now confirmed as a UTI. This whole ordeal has left me rather exhausted. He was perfectly fine one minute, and the next he is yowling and won't let us near him; this was 100% out of nowhere. The last time he was at the vet was to Read more

4:37 PM

Do any Jezzies have a Mint account? Specifically those of the cohabitating/married variety? I'm determined to get on track with our budget/finances, no matter what I try I can't seem to swing it. So I signed up for Mint and I'm really fond of it. However, they aren't really set up for couples who have a joint budget. Read more