There is no tricky part where I’m looking. Read more

The fist asset was removed from that payload a while ago. Go look at it. Read more

Nah, it would be really cool if the new Doomfist were a robot built around the gauntlet by a straight Caucasian male boy-genius who never actually appears in the game. Read more

Okay, but if you find a tree and a bunch of masked, red headed kids running around, I’d check the fuck outta there. Read more

In an alternate universe, perhaps one where Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System was actually copied by multiple games in the same way Batman’s combat was, Shadow of the Colossus inspired many copycats that improved upon the original concept to create greater games that could be seen as “perfecting the formula.” Read more

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I was hoping Alton Brown was a villain, considering his two videos on how to juice a watermelon.

I downloaded the original Terra Battle out of curiosity (I’m a huge fan of Sakaguchi’s games, not to mention Uematsu’s music), and it’s pretty solid. Since it’s F2P there’s definitely some gated content that is easier if you put money into the game (money allows you to draw from a pool of characters and get better Read more

Ahhh, youth! ...Now lets eat some ramen. Read more

Judging by Kevin Feige’s expressions, this is news to him.

Secondly, Amy Pascal’s comments about the way the MCU works illustrates that she still fundamentally does not understand why it succeeds. Yes, there is much more continuity now than at the beginning, but the casual audience still doesn’t “have to [see] that

Olive Oyl is a particularly amazing damsel because she’s just an awkward looking woman who two men find so magnetic that they’re willing to resort to violence to get her affections. Read more

“We knew that players know Pauline so we of course wanted to make her the mayor of New Donk City.” Read more

That’s why I never feel entirely bad for people who do this sort of thing. You spent 10 years making this thing, listening to stories of Pokemon and Mario fan games getting shut down left and right. You alreay made all of the art from scratch. Why not build your own thing and be able to sell it and make a name for Read more

Given that he loves Metroid enough to invest goodness knows how much time and effort into a remake, I don’t see why he would be mad at all. When people do this sort of thing, it’s usually out of love and longing for a series that has been neglected sometimes, or they feel is missing something, yet realize that they do Read more

I don’t know why everyone thinks they would be. It’s clear reading anything written by the devs that they were just doing something while Nintendo didn’t. And since Nintendo finally has, I expect they’re fanboy/girling just as hard as we are. Read more

If, when following these instructions, I find myself inhabiting the body of th ebug, is there any danger that I may have been pushed back in time and find myself then trapped in my monitor, ready to be crushed by myself?
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You will need a screwdriver, a pair of tweezers, a magnifying glass (optional), some salt (~1tbsp), and a bag of chicken feed, preferably corn-based.
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Best Kotaku article I’ve ever read, along with a valuable life lesson. Read more

I don’t get why America doesn’t adopt coin operated lockers like in Japan. They’re incredibly convenient, totally worth it for $2-3, and probably pretty cheap to operate.