May 12

Thanks! Yeah I noticed a lot of support for external GPS. I have a USB unit, but none of them seem to want to play with a USB. Ahh well. For what I am doing (1 track day every 1-2 years) I think phone GPS will be fine.

Apr 13

My formative years were boiling rage and hatred for W Bush and the wars he waged on lies money and oil. I thought ‘no one could be this big an evil idiot fuck up’. Read more

Apr 13

It is a bummer that the cast had to be buffeted around by such stupefying circumstances. Even when I was disappointed by how much TFA was a retread of ANH, the new generation of characters were so good, I remained enthusiastic for the rest of the trilogy. For myself, TLJ actually took advantage of that cast and did Read more

Mar 10

Good. F these assholes. And I really wish the fine was much larger 

Mar 4

Instead of a shift back to the left Biden is shifting us back to the middle. He is not left, is very centrist. It’s just that center seems left when compared to the current political climate.

Mar 2

Only bad comments reviews is by people who try them with battery powered impact drivers. (Even says to use air or electric impact on the box)

Feb 24

Buuuut Mr. WRX, that’s sooooooo unfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiirrrrrruhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Feb 19

I read a comment a while back that I cannot shake off. “Dystopia” is just “Imagine if it happened to white people too”