Griddy delivered electricity at wholesale prices tied to market rates. It was the Texan government that set that rate at $9000 per MW-hr. ERCOT and the Texan government have fixed on their scapegoat.

Jan 14

Fortunately for freedom, all good Americans will refuse to take any money or participate in any programs proposed by that radical socialist Biden. Imagine... expanding food assistance to people just because they don’t have enough to eat! It’s madness!

Jan 14

The only thing that Hillary got wrong was the size of the basket. 

Jan 12

This person is the perfect example of modern American conservatism. She’s a liar. Nothing she said is based in fact. Does she believe her own lies? Maybe. Maybe she is that delusional. It’s all still a lie. And this is where we are now. The right will say absolutely any bullshit to further their fascist worldview. All Read more

Jan 4

This seems like a relatively close-to-natural photo of the Pleiades cluster. It somehow doesn’t seem necessary to roll back 100,000 years to pick out 7 stars there.

More importantly: Atlas and Pleione the two stars that seem to have merged (in the upper left of the cluster in the photo) are not two of the seven sisters,

Nov 6

The biggest issue with hydrogen is that its an energy carrier and not an energy source. You have to use more energy to make hydrogen that it actually produces and nothing can  ever change that.

Nov 3

He’s really going to be mad when Biden wins, Twitter blocks his account, the banks come after him for 4 mil in bad loans, and the feds come after him for tax evasion, and Fox News suddenly won’t custom tailor their programming to him or take his calls anymore.

Oct 20

I dunno, I’ve never seen a car like that before. It looks like a... uh... like a big cat of some kind.

Oct 12

I nominate Jim Spanfeller, the herb that made this site so fucking unusable by packing it full of advertising, dildo deals of the day, auto play advertisements for dildos, and auto play content videos. This herb also completely gutted the staff. Yes, Jim Spanfeller is the most deserving herb there is. Read more

Oct 5

As a former BRZ owner and a current ND2 Miata owner, I’m not sure even with an extra 20HP and 30ft-lbs, the BRZ would squeeze past the ND2. I think it would simply make the two cars even in terms of speed/acceleration. Also, the ND2 doesn’t really have much rev hang. The BRZ’s rev hang was really annoying. Read more

Oct 5

You, sir, are basically trying to convince someone who’s only had McChubby Combos, that a sushi platter is a viable option, despite offering less calories for similar money, because “the experience”. Read more