9/27/20 3:01PM

Bucking the slideshow trend again. And for that, I agree with this list 100 percent.

I think all my favorite enemies are the initial ones. Mostly because they’re just so darn easy to mow down. But the Mancubus seems like someone who would be fun to hang out with, so maybe he’s up on the list too.

Cacodemons were Read more

9/27/20 2:33PM

PELOSI: Trump doesn’t care about our democracy and is actively working to subvert it!
GAYLE KING: Yes, but you aren’t being polite. Can’t you be polite about all this?

9/21/20 1:18PM

yes but unlike sony, microsoft has made a concentrated effort to play nice with its neighbors. nintendo even receives titles every now and then that microsoft never in a million years had to send their way, but did. sony and its fans on the other hand treats their competition with disdain and spite and refuse to Read more

9/21/20 12:59PM

Sony has bought individual studios that make games. And most of those have had close ties to Sony and nearly exclusive anyway. This is a big publisher with multiple studios involved and games that were highly multiplatform. There is a big difference here.

9/21/20 12:58PM

It will unfortunately continue indefinitely. There’s always going to be someone shouting “PC master race” and going on and on about how they get 150fps while they play games on their $3000 computer build.

9/21/20 12:50PM

Eitherway microsoft wins.  One can think of an xbox as a cheaper entry to PC gaming.  But really wish people would stop comparing a console to a PC where a good graphics card alone would cost the same as the console.

9/21/20 12:39PM

The only thing valid here is point one which is more likely than not from a contractual agreement with Sony. Microsoft isn’t “honoring” anything, they’re legally obligated to do so because they bought the companies legally required to do so. Read more

9/21/20 12:23PM

“A shell”? In just the last four years before it got bought in 2002, Rare’s output saw the two Banjo-Kazooie games, Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and StarFox Adventures. I’d hardly call that a “shell of its former self”. It didn’t go downhill until it got bought out, all its Read more

9/21/20 11:04AM

would you have preferred bayonetta had just gone away completely? because thats what would have happened if nintendo hadnt stepped in. 

9/21/20 10:55AM

But as you say, Sony Entertainment also makes plenty of exclusives. Whereas Microsoft makes a much bigger habit of taking things that were once for everyone and saying “nope just for us now.” Read more

9/21/20 10:27AM

Almost looks like the 1000 chimps banging away at typewriters, writing Shakespeare, took a break to do some Kinja.

9/21/20 10:21AM

The US government is influenced too much by corporations, Chinese corporations are influenced too much by an authoritarian government. Read more

9/21/20 10:17AM

As others have pointed out, if you haven’t seen the USA’s surveillance panopticon it’s created with the help of every tech company that exists including Microsoft, you haven’t been paying attention.  

9/21/20 10:15AM

This is an impressive word salad you’ve got going on here.

9/20/20 2:02PM

What? Where have you been??? Rob Reiner has been an outspoken lefty for DECADES and not just performative, regardless of whatever his net worth might be.