9/27/20 7:45PM

There is nothing like feeling of getting bodied by 10 Lost Souls and 2 Pain Elementals. 

8/07/20 1:04AM

I’m just waiting for the Switch version. Yeah it may not been the optimal port, but the 2016 game was a blast in portable mode, and I don’t expect anything less from Eternal.

7/28/20 10:36PM

What does socialism has to do with asking for cheaper games? Don’t spout nonsense that has a pretty clear answer without bringing a socioeconimic model, people are cheap, even in full predatory capitalism.

7/26/20 11:51PM

I mean, unless the cut is a complete remake of the movie, instead of just some extra minutes added with unused footage, I don’t see how it will change a thing. I like the movie, I have the bluray, but I won’t expect anything better than what we got, because the problem does not lie with the movie itself, but with the Read more

1/16/20 12:23AM

Man, the first was was such a tear jerker, it may be the second best storyline in a pokemon ever, thr first would be Explorer’s of the Sky.

1/15/20 6:16PM

Seems this short has more story than the whole game. It is a travesty that the Pokemon Company keeps dumbing down an already dumb plot, like kids are not adults, duh, but they are not stupid either.

If kid can enjoy stories like the ones told by Ghibli or Disney (in their golden years) then why the hell do we have this Read more

1/10/20 1:31PM

Try and play it on an emulator, see if you like it. It’s a roguelike and it definitely is not a genre for everyone, I went in blind only with my love of the franchise and I particularly liked it, but it can be a handful at times. The story though will be the best you ever seen in the franchise, real tearjerker at the Read more

1/05/20 7:31PM

I have an OCD problem of trying to get everything in the game before it finishes, so of course I had to get every job for my party with every ability. That caused me to overlevel (like level 82) before the game finishes and Jesus Christ, the enemies leveling with you can be crushing.

1/05/20 7:29PM

Mmmm interesting I will try that, at this point I’m willing to try everything.

12/31/19 7:14PM

I really, really hope I can finish that damn FFT War of the Lions game, I overleveled and the enemies are freaking strong and quick and quick my ass in like 3 turns, and because I overleveled I don’t have access to good enough armor and weapons yet. Read more

12/24/19 2:42PM

I’d like to try it but my backlog is freaking huge and I’m motly determined to reduce it to half. It used to be that one thought there were not enough games per year to satisfy us, now there are more than enough and as an adult almost no time to play them...

11/13/19 12:18PM

I will leave this right here and you be the judge Gita if this gets an overall pass just because Pokemon: Read more

11/10/19 10:09PM

Don’t forget that Masuda has said recently that tough luck to all fans, all future games will follow suit with only a regional Dex, which means buy all of our games for the chance to have what you like in one of them, also buy Pokemon Home even though we haven’t told anyone how it will work and pray for your Read more

11/05/19 9:53AM

I don’t know, myself I will wait for reviews to see if the games are worth it and even then I may wait a little bit. I’m super dissapointed about that choice and while I like some of the leaked pokemon I need to see what was taken away and if anything of value has been added in its place in terms of gameplay and Read more

10/28/19 1:55AM

Was kind of sad but I hope they can get through it.

10/28/19 1:51AM

That is the charm of the channel ain’t it?

10/27/19 1:09PM

That channel always succeeds in bringing quality content in less known things about videogames. If anyone here hasn’t checked it I thoroughly recommend it.

8/27/19 12:40PM

Finally the ZX series is getting some love, I hope this sells and incentivises Capcom to make a third and perhaps final ZX game. Read more

8/27/19 11:18AM

Oh you sweet snowflake, you had to insult because you got owned. Must be hard to have the mentality of a neglected and unloved 9 year old, or perhaps you are one and let me tell you, you will find no love here for you backwards opinions.