Jul 16

There’s definitely equipment, builds, points to spend, and character classes (and more) that make earning gold much easier.

Jun 25

Now I am curious, why is that? This is my first “Animal Crossing” game.

Jun 17

Emerald City ComicCon (originally scheduled for early March, planned to be rescheduled in August) also got cancelled yesterday. I suspect it’ll be a while before large scale events resume at this rate.

Apr 23

I love Animal Crossing (been playing since the 2002 Gamecube debut) but I agree with you - this article describes game tactics that, for ME, make it sound a joyless and perfunctory game. Not knocking that approach at all, because clearly min/max types LOVE this game, but if you take the opposite approach (no Read more

Feb 19

A shout-out to Greg Woods! He’s done a fantastic job, sometimes even better than the commentators of actual motor sports.

Feb 19

Greg Woods does such a fantastic job as the commentator, perfect voice for it and the color commentary brings the whole thing to life brilliantly.

Feb 1

They Nuked the Fridge a LONG time ago! This has reached the level of CGI squared. I’m surprised they still need live actors.

Jan 31

So they jumped the shark, turned around, did a drifty skid turn, the shark jumped in the passenger seat, and now is a talking character that fights crime. Figuratively speaking.

Jan 15

Case in point, there’s no “Godfather” of comedy movies

Jan 9

I was gifted Celeste over the holidays and it’s kicking my ass. I’ve only ever really been “adequate” at platformers my entire life, but I grew up with the Contras, Commander Keens, Marios and Jazz Jackrabbits. I made it through all the assorted Mega Man games and even did alright with the original bastard platformers Read more

Dec 30

Aye this. It proved that the BR formula could work anywhere and doesn’t have to be a gritty serious shooter or involve flossing dance maneuvers.

Dec 23

I threw together a quick spreadsheet of Recipe and Where To Find Ingredients using other folks information to make it clean and condensed, made it public to anyone with a link:
Read more

Dec 19

Wasn’t Banjo Kazooie for Smash this year? I’d say that’s a good contender for this list.

Dec 12

Bravely Default and Bravely Second were heavily connected, Second was even kind of announced at the end of Bravely Default. But the story is kind of completed.
I would assume Bravely Default II will be set in a completely different world without any connection to previous characters.

Dec 6

Ryzen CPUs are great for content creators and streamers, but Intel CPU still tend to be better for gaming.