Vegas En Fuego

It’s just the ruling dynasty being knocked off by a bunch of jamokes from Philly again. Read more

This is the awning of the age of hilarious. Read more

I want her to divorce him while in office; cable news would go insane. Read more

I am shocked, shocked that there would be exploitation of this sort in an industry characterized by a perpetual glut of labor competing for a small and relatively slow-growing number of gigs. Flabbergasted. Read more

Yeah it won’t be that surprising to hear that the fashion industry is just filled entirely with predators given what they seem to trade in and their even legal behaviour towards models (size zero, anyone). Read more

This makes his insistence that Guess campaign models be newcomers to the industry who have not had any other campaign work before more suspect. Read more

Mila Kunis had legs.

His bullshit about “clean coal” iOS that he thinks there is a special kind of unmined coal that burns without pollution. Or that people actually wash the coal so it gets rid of all the pollution. In reality, it’s where coal users have a filtration system that eliminates the toxic elements of burning coal. It’s Read more

He spoke of the need to end a random lottery system Read more

Get out and Vote. Your vote counts. If anyone tells you that it doesn’t, slap them upside their head. Read more

There are all kinds of Muslims, just as there are all kinds of Christians. So I’m guessing at the moment they are just fine. Read more

Honestly, if someone I worked with for years was up on child porn charges and then killed himself I would have no fucking clue what to say if asked about it. I would probably be thinking “and nothing was lost.” But to say it? I don’t have the guts. So, I’m not going to criticize any Glee cast reaction unless it’s “he Read more

So the (majority) Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the Nunes memo to support Trump’s assertion that he was being unfairly targeted by the DOJ and FBI, against FBI written advice that it reveals classified information and in the face of Democratic claims that the memo is one-sided and Read more

In the words of Ms. Swift herself: This is why we can’t have nice things. Read more

I was thinking about the handle and wheels feature and trying to find a contractor to build the full size, self contained, building with those features. Read more

I will flip my fucking lid if tomorrow’s mainstream media goes all in with the “Last night we saw Donald Trump become Presidential” or similar nonsense because he didn’t start ranting about Hillary or scream “NO COLLUSION” repeatedly or even not throwing his shit at the cameras like an ill-tempered baboon. Read more

TMZ reports Monday that Tyga may get arrested for failing to pay Riekena’s settlement, as a bench warrant was put out for him “after he failed to show up to a court hearing.” Read more

How we got here is pretty simple: one political party decided that winning was more important than anything else. Morals, conviction, policy; all of those went out the window so they could have their man in charge. A conscious decision was collectively made to abandon all rules because a black Democrat beat them at Read more