Jul 19 2019

I’m teaching yoga tomorrow afternoon and, although the center has A/C, I’m wondering what I can bring for the

Jun 6 2019

My mattress is from 1986 and it is awful, and affecting my body and sleep. It is time to get a new one! The amount

Dec 27 2018

Hi NY peeps! I don’t know if this sub is still active but I need some tattoo place recs.  The place I used before has closed. It will be a simple bracelet tattoo with some vines and a quote.  Any ideas?? Thanks!

Oct 13 2018

OK after weeks of feeling that The Youth are in serious trouble, I just found out that ‘American Vandal’ is a

Sep 23 2018

I am going to Sedona the first weekend in November - I am meeting up with friends from the internet whose wedding I

May 23 2018

The cat I adopted on Dec. 26 (8yo male) is slightly more used to my house, but he still runs away if he sees me when

Jan 14 2018

On Dec. 26, I adopted a new cat. At the shelter, I was able to hold him and pet him and he seemed distracted but —

Dec 16 2017

My oven always took longer to bake things than recipes said, so I bought an oven thermometer to check it, and sure